Seaside surgeon receives record-breaking venture capital

Congratulations to Seaside surgeon and partner Dr. Steven Goldberg and his team at  Catalyst OrthoScience LLC for their recent victory in venture capital funding! Their $12.7 million deal is the largest venture capital sum raised for any company headquartered in Naples.

Dr. Goldberg founded Catalyst OrthoScience to bring to market the orthopedic implant he invented, which has been described as a "breakthrough" for shoulder replacement surgery. Used with a new surgical approach that results in less stretching of muscles and ligaments, the Catalyst CSR Shoulder System minimizes the amount of bone removal required during a typical shoulder joint replacement.

The palm-sized Catalyst device is composed of an ultra-high molecular-weight  polyethylene shoulder joint replacement implant and a metal alloy, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum. It more closely replicates the shape of a normal shoulder than do other devices currently on the market. Dr. Goldberg holds several patents for the device, with others pending.

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The shoulder joint has one of the widest ranges of motion in the body. Because it has so much mobility, it is also prone to injury. When the shoulder joint is injured, a variety of problems can be at fault. We highlight some of them on our website.

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