Welcome to TCG Consulting's second installment of our 2016 quarterly Newsletter, "Innovation, Ideas, and News".  Enclosed are helpful insights and industry specific content across Corporate Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense Management, as well as the latest developments and happenings from within our organization.
A Fundamentally Innovative Approach to Managing Travel - TCG's
Transformative Pillars(SM)
Pillar I - Aligning Program Strategy to Company Strategic Imperatives
Company leaders - Finance, Procurement, Travel, etc. - are constantly seeking out innovation to reduce company cost structures, improve user acceptance, reduce risk and improve oversight and process efficiency.
In response to market trends and client requests, TCG has developed Transformative Pillars (SM)  as a fundamentally innovative and strategic methodology to manage, optimize and integrate Corporate Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense Management, elevating these areas from tactical functions to a Senior Leadership sponsored strategic initiative.

In this issue we will review Pillar I -  Aligning Program Strategy to Company Strategic Imperatives
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For more detailed information regarding TCG Transformative Pillars innovation contact Bill Kerr, Chief Marketing Officer.
Hotel & Lodging Management - Going Beyond Traditional Sourcing 
As many corporate Hotel and Lodging programs mature, the ability to deliver optimization and drive savings via traditional methods is diminishing.
  • Is tactical sourcing still the primary program driver instead of aligning program strategy to broader company imperatives?
  • How much focus is placed on high impact opportunities:
    • Increased program bypass?
    • Declining user acceptance and satisfaction?
    • Risk and compliance management?
  • What new innovation, tools and processes are available to look at comprehensive Lodging program management differently?
  • What strategies can be implemented to negate the impact of a sellers' market and drive cost reductions or "bend the cost curve increase down"?
TCG Hotel and Lodging Practice Leader Bill Rogde has been addressing these issues with leading organizations and building new processes to manage the entire program beyond traditional sourcing tools.
Send Bill an Email if you would like to set up a time to discuss your Lodging Program and 2017 planning. 
Integrating and Leveraging Transient Hotel and Group Meetings - Strategies Applied by Successful Companies
Organizations looking for next generation strategies to optimize their Transient Travel and Meetings programs are now evaluating how best to integrate these two categ ories. Companies  that are successful in this endeavor understand that a true (and effective) integration is inclusive of multiple suppliers in order to achieve new sources of cost savings, develop better risk mitigation, enhance data aggregation, increase user acceptance levels, and to drive improved program compliance.  

New TCG Associate Introductions
TCG proudly a nnounces three new additions to our Global Engagement Delivery Team. Two of these experienced associates are based in our Global Business Services Center with one based in the US. They will support a wide variety of engagements and clients across our Practices. Welcome!

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Upcoming Conferences, Shows & Events
Colorado Convention Center
July 18 - 20
Several TCG Consulting leaders will be in attendance at the upcoming Global Business Travel Association Convention in Denver, CO. Please reach out to them directly to set up a meeting while at the event.

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