The Innovation Group and Innovation Capital have been following the novel coronavirus closely since it entered the global stage in mid-January. Today we update materials from our March 13 conference call with more recent data and our current perspective on industry impacts. Developments within the last two weeks of covering COVID-19 are noteworthy and have led to changes in our ongoing analysis.
  • The Innovation Group covers current market realities and the response from the industry operationally so far:
    • Macau update and the complexities of re-opening
    • Online trends as March numbers come to light
    • Property and portfolio considerations in North America in response to aid package
    • Preparing to model the global recovery
  • Innovation Capital provides updated information on gaming sector market trends and relevant commentary on its implications to both operators and investors:
    • Recent public stock and valuation trends
    • Near-term financial and strategic considerations for both operators and investors
    • Services Innovation Capital can provide to assist operators

The companies will continue to monitor developments in the coming days and weeks as COVID-19 is addressed. Principals for each company are available for follow-up conversations with contact information provided below.

The Innovation Group 
Innovation Capital 
Michael Soll

Executive Vice President

Michael Zhu
Senior Vice President

Brian Wyman, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Matt Sodl
Founding Partner, President &
Managing Director

Kevin Scheible
Partner & Managing Director

Alex Wang
Vice President

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