Innovation Keeps It Cool
Reno - What a cool town. At 4,500 feet above sea level, the air may be thin, but the town feels thick with opportunity. A river runs through it. Casinos loom around it. Snowy peaks tower above it. The streets are clean. Uber and Lyft drivers abound to offer affordable transportation. The river sounds nice whisking by my open hotel window (the Renaissance Downtown is a great hotel). I like the lights beneath the bridges that light up the river even at midnight, creating a constant living art piece that does not disappear with the sun. That was innovative.
The theme of this year’s ICMA West Coast Regional Conference in Reno was innovation. City managers were studying and contemplating how to bring innovation to their cities to increase efficiency, inform policy or create “cool” towns in their communities. City managers don’t take this stuff lightly. They know innovation helps them compete to be exciting and attractive for residential and business investment. Many city managers view innovation as a cornerstone of successfully evolving local government and remaining fiscally viable. They are right.
One of my favorite strengths of local government is that each city can learn from others. These conferences are engines for policy and civic innovation, and through executive leaders absorbing ideas and bringing them back to their councils and staff to contemplate and implement, we can see the innovation happen. Are you pushing innovation?
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Exiting Your Position
Local government managers leave their positions for a plethora of reasons, ranging from newly elected officials to retirement to it just being time to move on. Whatever the reason, they can make sure they take all of the right steps to ensure that IT concerns are put to rest.

Spring Cleaning: 6 Tips for Getting Your Communications On Track
Spring is in the air, nature is shaking off the last remains of winter and the outlook on your year is bright. This change in seasons is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning on your organization’s communications.

Client Highlight: Climatec
Since 1975, Climatec has been making buildings safer, more comfortable and efficient. It is the leading provider of advanced building technologies and energy solutions for thousands of customers. Climatec is a part of the Bosch family and the largest privately-owned building technologies provider in the nation.

Climatec engaged Tripepi Smith to produce a video series highlighting its impact on City clients as well as to establish and maintain its website.

Spring Conference Plans
The Tripepi Smith team can frequently be found on the local government conference circuit! Come find us at the following events this spring.

  • CAPIO 2019 Annual Conference (Newport Beach)
  • NW Regional Managers Conference (Hood River, OR)
  • MMANC Women's Leadership Summit (Santa Cruz)
  • CCCA Annual Municipal Seminar (Indian Wells)
  • MMASC Women's Leadership Summit (San Marino)
Service Spotlight: Email Marketing
Email drives work processes and is deeply ingrained in the average person’s pattern of communications. When executed just right, an email can engage your readers and build trust with your audience.

Tripepi Smith stands ready to help with everything from content to design for your next email marketing effort.

Talent On Tap
Mike Egan
Mike is the newest member of the Tripepi Smith team and a former California city manager. With nearly 30 years of experience, 20 entailing city manager responsibilities in the cities of Norwalk and Bellflower, Mike has consistently been an active member of regional governance and government-affiliate groups.

Mike's many accomplishments include balance budget management, multiple successful bond issues and improved agency bond ratings, executing economic development projects and much more.
He will lend his passions for local government and effective, ethical leadership to the Tripepi Smith team and our clients.

Fun Fact: Mike's favorite book is John Dean's Blind Ambition.
Tripepi Smith provides marketing, technology and public affairs solutions for private companies and public agencies. Whether you're redoing your website, driving an email campaign, shooting a video or launching on Facebook, Tripepi Smith can help.
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