Middle School

To the families of students in the Innovation Lab afternoon activity,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 16, the Innovation Lab afternoon activity is going to the Museum of Science. This visit will serve as a catalyst for our final Innovation Lab unit where students will design an interactive carnival game. Students will visit the Engineering Design Workshop, “a new hands-on engineering and computer science exhibit where they can immerse themselves in the many ways engineers use creativity and iteration to solve problems and create solutions.” Students will participate in design activities, challenges with museum staff, and leverage their experiences as inspiration for our last few weeks of school.

Trip details

  • Students will miss their 12:35 p.m. class and R-TIME. They will be back in time for dismissal.
  • Beaver field trips do not involve any shopping. Your child does not need to bring any money on this trip.  
  • Below you will find an important note from the school nurse Talia Ossowski about field trip medical information.
  • We expect this to be both an educational and fun class experience and, of course, we expect everyone to be on their best behavior.

If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Ann Bevan Hollos

Associate Director of Middle School

A note from the nurse

Please make sure to bring your EpiPen, inhalers, and diabetic supplies with you on the field trip if you require any of these medications. These medications must be with the student at all times. Medications are not supplied by the health office for field trips.

Any non-emergency medications (anything other than the medications listed above) need to be checked by the school nurse in advance of the field trip. A field trip medication form must accompany the medication and be brought to the school nurse. Please contact the school nurse at tossowski@bcdschool.org or 617-738-2739 if you have any questions.

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