February 2015
Our big dream at New & Improved is to inspire everyone to think the world to a better place. To fuel this movement, we're on a mission to continuously energize creative minds.

Each time you think creatively and share innovative stimulus with others - you're contributing positively to this movement, this dream.

Thank you for your courage and undying commitment to being a leader (or first follower) of the new and improved.  
First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

May your 2015 be the best year yet!

From our Blog
The 3 Conspiracies to Kill Your Future
"You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down." 

In today's 24 hour news cycle with its negative headlines warning of imminent danger, Chaplin's quote may seem overly optimistic, even a bit naive.

If our media feed or people we surround ourselves with are overly negative, it will be more difficult to remain optimistic, to spot the rainbows. This will likely stifle creative thinking, collaboration and innovation.  

So, what are threats to our creative thinking?

There are 3 conspiracies that, unless we're careful, will stop creative collaboration dead in its tracks.

1)  Manufactured Pessimism:  it's almost impossible to be unaffected by...Read more here

New Series!
12 Strategies for Innovation Excellence
Series #5:  A deep dive into ENVIRONMENT

Once the senior leader announces that developing a more innovative culture is a priority, a typical first move is to revamp the look and feel of the office space. The lure of a new, sexy, hip space seduces leaders into believing if they design a more collaborative and creative space an innovative culture will flourish. Maybe...beware that if you do not have all the pieces in place, you may end up with an underutilized space. One of our clients, a Global Biomedical Engineering firm, found... Read more here 


Creating creative environments is a growing business. Watch this video about Work Spaces Past & Present:

Work spaces  Past and present

 Learn more about all of our strategies for innovation excellence.  You can download our E-Book, watch webinars and videos here.

From our YouTube Channel
That won't work!  Tried it already!  Too Risky!
What if... you tried Praise First?
We are so conditioned to look for the danger in a new idea that we kill off valuable ideas before they even have a chance. Sure, we must assess the problems, risks and concerns around any new idea. Remember, the time to do that is after you've looked for the value.  

Don't believe us? Watch this video for a powerful example of what can happen when you make this simple shift to praise first.
Learn what Pfizer gained when they used Praise First
A story from Pfizer
Tool Alert!  Praise first is one step in the POINt (Pluses, Opportunities, Issues and New thinking) process. Read our white paper, Get the POINt, to learn more.

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Innovation Leadership: Don't blow it - 6 values to ensure success

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  • Why innovation leadership may require a values shift
  • What the 6 Innovator's Values are 
  • How you can energize these values at work and at home 
Clay Bunyard of Kimberly-Clark and Bob Eckert of New & Improved offer personal examples, tips and advice to help you avoid the most seductive traps. 

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