March 2015

Are you getting run down by the challenges related to innovation?   

Here's 3 tips for winding yourself back up:


1)  Find your FOCUS:  Generate ideas about what might be all the ways for you as an individual and as a team leader to keep creativity and innovation a daily priority.


2)  Create a PLANSelect the ideas that you'll implement. Make sure you create a prioritized plan of action that includes objectives, deadlines and a way in which you will hold yourself accountable if you drop the ball. For example, align yourself with an integrenator (someone who will hold you accountable to your plan). Share your plan with them and schedule a meeting to discuss your progress (or lack of progress) close to your deadline.


3)  REFUEL your passion:  Make a list of all the reasons why innovation is important. Keep it someplace where you'll see it every day. Add to it. Re-prioritize it. Share it with others.


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Series #6:  A deep dive into EXPERIMENTATION

The strategy here is to enable people to move forward on their ideas without having to go through complex levels of a bureaucracy and mind-numbing approvals.


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Over time, innovation efforts can become disjointed and innovation fatigue sets in, diminishing ROI.


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