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In a recent issue of Fast Company they asked a provocative question, "Is innovation dead?"

While much of our thinking about innovation centers around technology, here are two articles that demonstrate that innovation is far from in its grave. Innovation just wears coats of many colors!
Barbara Key and Linda Alepin, Editors
Transforming the Non-Profit Mindset

By Erin Montgomery, VP of Human Resources at Gatepath & Women Leaders for the World graduate, 2017

Nonprofits face the ongoing challenge of figuring out how best to adapt to ever-changing economic, technological, social, and political environments. As one way to survive in times of limited funding and excessive risk aversion, nonprofit leaders often adopt a scarcity mindset that leads to extreme cost reduction. They do not invest in operations and new technology that will improve efficiency. They don’t pursue innovation. And they are held back by a fear of doing things differently.  

Can this mindset of scarcity be transformed? 

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Another example of innovation: Destiny Foundation of Kolkata was recently featured on One India Republic TV. Watch HERE

A Journey from Vision to Reality

By Barbara Key and Linda Alepin

We started with a vision. “ We are committed to You as a Global Leader (YAGL) contributing to a healthy world.”  What we cared most about was making YAGL widely accessible and affordable.

Over the last 3 ½ years, we have designed, tested, re-designed, re-tested and finally, launched our transformational leadership courses in an innovative/experimental way.

·         A 1 - day program called Everyone a Leader (EAL)
·         A 3 – day program called You as a Leader (YAL)
·         A 5 – day program called You as a Global Leader (YAGL)
·         A 6-month program called You as a Workshop Leader  
·         This monthly bulletin containing our own articles as well as those from other leaders around the world. 

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