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PixieDrone cruising in Tahoe Keys Marina

Yes, we've got a robot in the water

The League is proud to introduce the PixieDrone, a cousin of the BEBOT and the latest piece of innovative technology our team has introduced to Keep Tahoe Blue.

We teamed up with ECO-CLEAN Solutions and the Tahoe Keys Marina to bring this battery-powered, autonomous and programmable, motorized skimmer to Tahoe. The PixieDrone glides across the water’s surface, swallowing up floating trash and aquatic invasive weeds in its "mouth" similar to how a manta ray catches its prey. By removing weed fragments, the PixieDrone prevents those ecosystem invaders from spreading across the Lake.

Later this summer, the PixieDrone will be joined by another robotic, weed-fighting friend. We can't wait to tell you about it.

See the PixieDrone in action
Aerial view of Zephyr Cove

Raising the bar for beach management

The scene we saw at Zephyr Shoals on July 5 during our 10th annual "Keep Tahoe Red, White & Blue" Beach Cleanup was heartbreaking. To prevent misuse and abuse of the shoreline, the League is teaming up with the US Forest Service and other stakeholders to raise the bar for beach management across the Tahoe Basin. Together, we've made a multi-year commitment to create Tahoe Blue Beaches, a new management model that centers around stronger education, engineering and enforcement to safeguard our summer playgrounds.

Learn more about Tahoe Blue Beaches
CD3 demonstration

Tackling aquatic invasive species with innovation on-the-go

Maybe you've seen this unique-looking trailer parked at one of your favorite Tahoe beaches this summer, perhaps with a line of paddlers waiting to use it.

If you're meeting it for the first time, allow us to introduce the CD3, a free to use, mobile, solar-powered cleaning station with onboard tools to stop the spread and introduction of aquatic invasive species. Use the machine on your kayak or paddleboard by following the simple steps to CD3 – “clean, drain, dry and dispose.”

This innovative, invasive species-fighting technology is being strategically moved between popular launch sites around the Basin. Find it and put it to good use. The Lake will thank you.

Find the CD3 and learn how to use it

League's 54th Annual Benefit Fashion Show makes a statement

Beginning in 1969 when a handful of models walked down a plywood runway on Rubicon Beach, our Benefit Fashion Show has become a fundraising tradition in support of our lake-saving mission.

Fast forward 54 years, and this year’s event raised an amazing $1.2 million to Keep Tahoe Blue. Our team at the League is deeply appreciative for this outpouring of generosity. The funds raised will support the League’s full range of science-driven work, from advocating for litter prevention policies, to building Tahoe's resilience to climate change by restoring the ecosystem.

Thank you to all of our partners, sponsors, volunteers and generous donors.

2023 Benefit Fashion Show
Mens UPF shirt

Keep it cool under the sun

Go from beach to trail to patio in our women's and men's long sleeve UPF shirts. Moisture-wicking and lightweight, these sun shirts provide UPF 50+ protection from the intense Sierra sun, while keeping you cool and dry. 

All proceeds benefit our efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue.

Get yours today.

Upcoming League Events

Eyes on the Lake Training

August 19 | 10am - noon

Tahoe Keys Pavilion, South Lake Tahoe

Learn how to identify Tahoe’s various native and invasive aquatic plants, and how to report observations that allow the League and our partners to control infestations before they do lasting damage to Lake Tahoe.

Register here.

Eyes on the Lake training

Labor Day Cleanup

September 4 | 8:30 - 11:30am

Kings Beach State Recreation Area

Busy holiday weekends can leave Tahoe with lots of litter. Join the League, Tahoe residents and visitors to make a positive impact on the environment by removing trash from the shoreline and other high-traffic areas.

Register here.

2023 Labor Day Cleanup

Eyes on the Lake Training

September 4 | 10 - 11am

Kings Beach State Recreation Area

Learn how to identify Tahoe’s various native and invasive aquatic plants, and how to report observations that allow the League and our partners to control infestations before they do lasting damage to Lake Tahoe.

Register here.

Eyes on the Lake training

Tahoe Blue Crew Training

September 4 | 11:30am - 12:30pm

Kings Beach State Recreation Area

Tahoe Blue Crews adopt their favorite spots around the Lake to protect from pollution. This in-person training will prepare you to become a Crew leader, adopt a litter hot spot and collect data that contributes to litter prevention solutions.

Register here.

Tahoe Blue Crew Training

26th Annual Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day

September 16 | 9am - 1pm

Saxon Creek, South Lake Tahoe

Volunteers of all ages and skill levels are invited to this fun, hands-on ecosystem restoration event. By pitching in, you will help improve the ecosystem functions and wildlife habitats that surround Lake Tahoe.

Register here.

Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days

Great Sierra River Cleanup

September 23 | 9am - noon

Zephyr Cove Resort

Pitch in locally to remove litter from the Lake Tahoe environment. You'll join thousands of volunteers across the state and country who are celebrating California Coastal Cleanup Day and National Public Lands Day which take place on the same date.

Register here.

2023 Great Sierra River Cleanup
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Lake Tahoe News
Washoe Tribal Chairman Smokey

Washoe Tribe among delegation pledging continued protection at annual Lake Tahoe Summit

August 13 | Carson Now

At the 2023 Tahoe Summit, Washoe tribal members stressed the importance of Lake Tahoe to the history, culture and health of their people.

Read the story.

Sand Harbor

'Phenomenal boon': How Nevada's signature public lands law ushered in growth, conservation

August 13 | Nevada Independent

Authors of an impactful piece of legislation surprised themselves at how earmarking federal land sale money for Nevada would pay such dividends for parks, trails and conservation, including at Tahoe.

Read the story.

2023 July 5th Beach Cleanup

‘Absolutely unacceptable’: Tahoe officials cracking down after Fourth of July trash mess

July 14 | San Francisco Chronicle

The "Keep Tahoe Red, White & Blue" beach cleanup effort on July 5 prompted the US Forest Service and League to Save Lake Tahoe to raise the bar for beach management in Tahoe.

Read the story.

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