December 2014
In the News

Trenton, NJ - In an interview with Andrew Sheldon of NJBiz, Dennis Bone, former business executive and inaugural director of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, discusses the role of startups and meetups in New Jersey.

New Brunswick, NJ - According to Companies and, "Earlier this month, researchers from Rutgers University have for the first time harnessed the power of a supercomputer to develop methods that can be used to identify which materials have superconducting properties. The study, published in Nature Physics, offers new ways to study spin dynamics in non-superconducting materials, potential superconductive materials and those materials that pose barriers to conventional study, such as those with radioactive properties."

Trenton, NJ - Starting in January, Million Women Mentors (MWM), a partner to STEMconnectors, will come to New Jersey to recruit, support, and partner with NJ businesses, academia, government, nonprofit, and professional societies for mentors and coaches for youth and adults.  The work will lead to 21st century STEM careers.

New Brunswick, NJ - According to Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, "Researchers at Rutgers report that a gene associated with schizophrenia plays a role in brain development and may help to explain the biological process of the disease. The team published its study ("NOS1AP, a protein implicated in schizophrenia, controls radial migration of cortical neurons") in Biological Psychiatry. Bonnie Firestein, Ph.D., professor in the department of cell biology and neuroscience, says too much protein expressed by the NOS1AP gene, which has been associated with schizophrenia, causes abnormalities in brain structure and faulty connections between nerve cells that prevent them from communicating properly."

New Brunswick, NJ - The Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Science is now offering a new degree and concentration in clinical and translational science research. Computational Imaging and Biopharmaceutical Sciences (CIBS) concentration will now be offered the within the Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Science Program.

Iselin, NJ - Last month, the New Jersey Tech Council hosted their annual NJTC Awards Celebration, honoring New Jersey based tech leaders and companies for their innovative accomplishments, partnerships and collaborations.

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