November 2014
In the News

NJIT engineers design disinfectant to fight Ebola

Newark, NJ - NJIT engineers Mark Cznareski and Paul Lorcheim invented a chlorine dioxide-emitting machine to sterilize hospitals and other facilities, according to Michael Hill of NJTV News. "Our gas process has a little bit of an odor, it takes a little bit of time. So hospitals weren't able to use that because they have a quick turnaround between rooms," Lorcheim said. "We saw a need for hospitals as we always say we're not getting any younger, we're going to need a hospital. You hear about all the stories, people go in healthy, 1.8 million get infected there and 100,000 die every year," Lorcheim said.

Trenton, NJ - According to the New Jersey Business Magazine, "The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) announced that technology companies across the state were approved for assistance through the various programs available to grow this critical sector of New Jersey's economy. The EDA approved a $400,000 Edison Innovation VC Growth Fund loan for, a cloud-based telecommunications company located at NJIT's Enterprise Development Center in Newark.

Hoboken, NJ - The Stevens Institute of Technology recently announced its affiliation agreement with the New Jersey Health Foundation (NJHF), a not-for-profit corporation that supports biomedical research and health-related education programs. The two institutions will work together to advance the frontiers of science and leverage technology to address health-related challenges worldwide.

Rutgers vaccine and research reveals clues to Asthma

New Brunswick, NJ - William Gause, senior associate dean for research at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, led a group of researchers to develop vaccines that could fight against infectious diseases. Published in the journal Nature Immunology, Gause's research shows that a white blood cell called a macrophage is able to develop a memory response to an invading pathogen -- reacting robustly to the infection as if the body had seen and subdued it before.

Edison, NJ - Middlesex County College held its ceremonial groundbreaking to celebrate the start of construction of South Hall, a state-of-the-art science laboratory building. Opening in the 2016 fall semester, South Hall will have 14 labs for chemistry, biology and general sciences classes, which came from the 2012 New Jersey "Building Our Future" Bond.

Washington D.C. - According to the State Science and Technology Institute, "Last week, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a Request for Applications (RFA) for cities seeking economic revitalization through the National Resource Network (The Network), a public-private initiative that works with national experts and strategic partners to increase the economic competitiveness of cities and reverse population decline, job loss, and high poverty rates."

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