December 2014
In the News

Trenton, NJ - AT&T contributed more than $600,000 to organizations across New Jersey as part of AT&T Aspire, the company's signature education initiative focused on high school success and career readiness.  With an unwavering commitment to data-driven education outcomes, AT&T Aspire has impacted more than one million students since its launch in 2008.

From the invention of the SCR-271 radar to many of the improvements of Milton Morse to corporations like APM Hexseal, New Jersey has a rich history of innovation in the fields of aerospace and defense. Today this tradition has continued. In fact, the state is ranked #6 in defense and security manufacturing according to TechAmerica Foundation's 2013 Cyberstates Report. However at a time of decreased public funding, it is important that an innovation ecosystem can still be supported.

Trenton, NJ - The New Jersey Senate Labor Committee advanced legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean to create a post-doctoral fellowship program that will enhance cutting-edge industrial research and development in New Jersey. The NJ Innovation and Research Fellowship, bill S-2442, will take 3% of the Workforce Development Partnership Fund reserved for Customized training, currently being underutilized.

Princeton, NJ - According to Princeton University's Office of Engineering Communications, "As part of a project demonstrating new 3-D printing techniques, Princeton researchers have embedded tiny light-emitting diodes into a standard contact lens, allowing the device to project beams of colored light. Michael McAlpine, the lead researcher, cautioned that the lens is not designed for actual use - for one, it requires an external power supply. Instead, he said the team created the device to demonstrate the ability to "3-D print" electronics into complex shapes and materials."

Washington, D.C. - Kelly Phillips Erb, a contributor of Forbes, comments on the federal budget vote. "While the tenor of the debate felt partisan from start to finish, the final vote didn't have an overwhelmingly partisan flavor. Of the Senators voting yes, 31 were Democrats, 24 were Republicans and 1 was Independent. Of the Senators voting no, 21 were Democrats, 18 were Republicans and 1 was Independent. Of those abstaining, one was a Democrat three were Republicans. The more than 1,600 page bill, considered a compromise on both sides, was a $1.014 trillion budget which will keep the lights on in Congress through September 2015."

NJ Congressman continues to lead Rare Disease Caucus

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) will continue to co-chair the Congressional Rare Disease Caucus in the 114th Congress that will begin in January.  Led by Rep. Lance and Congressman Joe Crowley (NY-14), the Congressional Rare Disease Caucus is a forum for Members of Congress to voice constituent concerns, collaborate on ideas, facilitate conversations between the medical and patient community and build support for legislation that will improve the lives of people with rare diseases.

Jersey City, NJ - Jersey City was one of 14 cities that received an innovation grant from the Mike Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation. The City received $2.25 million to create a data-drive innovation team, or "i-team," that will focus on violent crime, youth development and economic development. Fourteen cities ranging from Long Beach, California, to Jerusalem, the Bloomberg Philanthropies grants range from $400,000 to $1 million annually for three years, expanding and internationalizing awards to five U.S. cities in 2011. The teams are styled as in-house innovation consultants who work on a series of mayoral priorities.

Washington, D.C. - The $1 trillion omnibus budget bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives this morning-and expected to be passed by the Senate this Friday-includes up to $300 million in funding for the Revitalizing American Manufacturing Innovation (RAMI) Act. In response, Stephen Ezell, Senior Analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) releases the following statement.

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