Issue #112, October 2019

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Like most of the western world, Germany has an aging problem. A study published in July by the German Think Tank Bertelsmann Stiftung predicts that the ratio of workers to people over 65 will drop from its current 1:3 to 1:1 in the next fifteen years. As a result and without reform, Germany's debt will overtake Greece's by 2080. 

Aging and disease are hardships that effect every family. This issue of the DWIH New York newsletter specifically focuses on neurodegenerative diseases-the most famous being Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS. These diseases, related to the breaking down of nerve cells over time, are the only category of diseases exclusively related to aging.

In this issue we interview Christian Behl, a leading neurodegeneration researcher, and look at three German startups with new ideas for tracking Parkinson's development, improving seniors' digital literacy and training the brain. 

For more on these topics, don't miss our October 24 event in New York City on Alzheimer's, Related Disorders and Autophagy.

The Latest in Alzheimer's Research

Why is Alzheimer's more widespread today than ever before? And what can we do to lessen our risk? Answers to questions like these and much more in our interview with the University of Mainz's Dr. Christian Behl, a leading researcher on neurodegeneration. And ask Behl your own questions at our 10/24 event, where he will be a panelist.

A Wholistic Approach to Parkinson's Disease

By tracking motor symptoms through a wristwatch and non-motor symptoms through a mobile app that analyzes sleep, nutrition and mental health, Berlin's MedEngine is revolutionizing Parkinson's care .   Learn more.

Today's Technology for Seniors

After conducting four research studies on more than three hundred seniors, Berlin's Nepos developed Ui+, the world's first universal, digital user interface optimized for the 65+ generation.  More about Nepos and how they're connecting the elderly with the digital world in a our article.

The Fitness Studio for Your Brain

Based on research conducted the Freie Universität Berlin, Neuronation is an app that trains the brain and aids in the diagnosis of cognitive impairments like dementia. More.

DWIH NEWS: Welcome Dietrich Wolf Fenner

Former Director of the German Academic International Network Dietrich Wolf Fenner has taken over as Program Manager of the DWIH New York. Get to know Dietrich better in his profile by the DAAD.

Future Forum: Demystify A.I.

In 27 days, twenty German and American artificial intelligence experts will convene in Brooklyn to discuss the state of A.I. and its implications on society. Apply to attend the DWIH Future Forum and learn more at

"Digital Natives at College," 10/04

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Upcoming Events

· 10/24, 6:30 PM, New York, NY:  Alzheimer's, Related Disorders and Autophagy
· 11/17-18, Brooklyn, NY: Future Forum: Demystify AI