December 2020
Innovations in Learning
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Online Proctoring Tools for Finals
With finals quickly approaching, your exams in Canvas may require the use of an online proctoring tool.

UW-Parkside has both Honorlock and Respondus Lockdown Browser available for quizzes and exams.

Feel free to share the resources below with your students if you are using either of the tools to ensure they have the proper software enabled prior to your exam's start time.

Honorlock – Resources – Download

Respondus Lockdown Browser – Resources – Download

For additional information on proctoring tools, please visit the KnowledgeBase.
Winterim and Spring Courses Available in Canvas
Courses are added to Canvas 90 days prior to the start of the semester, which means all Spring 2021 courses are now available.

If you don't see your course(s) on your Dashboard, they'll appear under the Courses tab on the black navigation bar. They also might appear all the way at the bottom of your Dashboard under the "unpublished courses" section. You can tell the course is unpublished because it will have a "Publish" button in the top left corner of the course card.

Please contact Innovations in Learning (innovations@uwp.edu) if you have any questions about your upcoming courses or need content copied into the new semester.
Apply for the Advanced Online Workshop
Innovations in Learning is still taking applications for the Advanced Online Workshop that will run in 2021. The goal of the advanced course is to submit a mature online course for full Quality Matters certification.

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to tlc@uwp.edu that includes your experience with online teaching, which course you will be revising along with the rationale for that decision, and a letter of approval from your Department Chair.
Canvas Tier 1 Support Available 24/7 During Finals Week
Canvas offers Tier 1 Support for all faculty and students 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have a question about Canvas or need help finding something, please contact Tier 1 Support first as they are able to impersonate accounts and troubleshoot directly, something our admin team is unable to do.

You can access Tier 1 Support by logging in to Canvas and clicking on the Help button located at the bottom of the gray left hand navigation bar. You can search the Canvas Guides , chat online, email, or call. The number for student support is 1-833-820-4070
New to the Advising and Career Center
The Advising and Career Center has started a new series called "Ten Questions With..."

Ten Questions With... is a series of video chats with real employers about various careers.

For more information, visit the Ten Questions With webpage. You will also be able to find a schedule of upcoming conversations.

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