September 2020
Innovations in Learning
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Canvas Information for Fall 2020
Publishing & Unpublishing Courses
Every course you are attached to in Solar will populate on your Canvas Dashboard. By default, these courses come in unpublished, which means they are not visible to students. If you do plan to use Canvas for Fall, you will need to go in and Publish the courses on the Home tab by clicking on the Publish button at the top right of the page. 
Importing Course Content
You do have the option to copy course content over from semester to semester. Under the Settings tab there is an Import Course Content button. When you click on that you will have the option to Copy a Canvas Course. Click on this link to view the Canvas Guide on copying content. Otherwise, the Innovations team is happy to migrate content over for you! Simply send us an email and we’re happy to help.  
Course Code
You may notice that you have the option to change your Course Name and Course Code under the Settings tab. Please do not edit the Course Code! The Course Code is what connects the Canvas course to Solar. If the code is changed, it’s possible that the integration with Solar could be lost, meaning student data would also be lost. 
Dashboard View
If you would like to organize your Dashboard, you are able to do so under Courses All Courses on the black, far-left navigation bar. Any courses that have a gold star will appear on your Dashboard. (You will notice that by default, all courses have a white star until you begin starring courses. Then they will turn gold and only the gold courses will appear on your Dashboard view.)

Tier 1 Support
The UW System pays for Tier 1 Support which is a 24x7, 365-day service available to all faculty, staff, and students. This is your first stop for all Canvas-related questions. Tier 1 Support is trained to handle over 95% of Canvas issues. Anything that they are not able to resolve they forward back to the Innovations team so we can address the issue on our end. Support is available via instant chat, email, and phone. You will also receive an email transcript of your conversation with a follow up email to confirm your issue was resolved. Please direct all Canvas questions to Tier 1 Support before contacting the Innovations team, as Tier 1 Support has a higher level of administrative access than we do.
Self-Enroll into the Instructional Technology Resources & Tips Course
This course was built to provide faculty and staff with a one-stop location for instructional technology tutorials, documentation, and up-to-date information on the tools Parkside has available for teaching and learning.

This course is also designed to highlight innovative teaching techniques and showcase the variety of ways we can teach online using the various third party tools integrated with Canvas.

Self-enroll into the Instructional Technology Resources & Tips course in Canvas here: https://uws.instructure.com/enroll/LKW6F6
Self-Enroll into the Instructional Resource Sharing Course
This course is much more informal and was built as an outlet to share ideas about teaching and learning on campus. Whether you're looking for ways to effectively use the discussion board in an online class, or wanting to share an innovative project your students are doing this semester, this course is designed with those ideas in mind.

You'll notice it's almost empty right now, and that's because we're waiting for all of you to self-enroll and start some new Discussions!

Self-enroll into the Instructional Resource Sharing course in Canvas here: https://uws.instructure.com/enroll/YL69TE
Resources Available for Students
An online resource is also available for your students. This course is built to provide students with as much information as possible about the various technologies they’ll be using to learn beyond just Canvas. Students can enroll into this resources course using the self-enrollment link here, or they can access the student resources via the Canvas Logins page. 
Additionally, the Canvas & Online Student Resources KnowledgeBase document is updated regularly to ensure students have the most accurate information about Canvas, third party tools, NetTutor, and more. We encourage you to link to this document directly from your Canvas course so students have a one-stop link to find all of their resources.
Adding a Librarian to a Canvas Course - Library Resource
Adding a librarian or library staff member to your Canvas course is easy and can help connect students to valuable research services. We offer different levels of support and engagement, from a library introduction which familiarizes students with Parkside Library, to advanced information literacy lessons & activities. Some examples of research content that can be added to Canvas by a librarian include modules on how to use subject specific databases, activities on identifying scholarly sources, text explaining how to properly cite sources, or a link to a scanned chapter in our online course reserves system. These are only a few examples of what is possible!
Watch this short video (2 m, 13 s) to learn How to Add a Librarian to your Canvas Course. We are always available for consultations and conversations at askus@uwp.edu.
Attend the Virtual Internship & Career Fair on October 8!
Parkside’s Advising and Career Center has been planning new ways to help students prepare for their job search and connect with employers virtually. This fall, we are excited to host a Virtual Internship & Career Fair on Thursday, October 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.! The event will be located entirely on Handshake, which can be found using this link.
Students can engage with recruiters by attending group info sessions and arranging 1:1 meetings with company representatives. It’s important for students to check in on the event page periodically should there be additional employer registrations, info sessions, and 1:1 meeting blocks. More information about the event and how to prepare for the fair can be found on the Advising and Career Center events page. We also welcome faculty to invite us to present in their classes by completing this form.
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