July 2019
Newsletter of the Center for Educational Improvement
Innovations in Mindfulness
Around the Globe
Dear Educators,

Mindfulness has been a growing trend in schools across the nation for the past few years. Increasingly, we are seeing the undeniable benefits of mindfulness embraced worldwide. In Portugal and the United Arab Emirates, for example, organizations are finding innovative ways to bring mindfulness into classrooms and communities. In America, we're starting to see businesses and civic governments adopt mindfulness techniques to support the mental health of employees and constituents. This month, we explore how mindfulness is being used in the workplace, marketplace and public service sectors.
Mindfulness & Compassion: Innovations for Leaders in Government and Business
By Dana Asby, CEI Director of Innovation & Research Support
How is mindfulness being used in business and government sectors?
Mindfulness is transforming many schools in the U.S. and around the world into more compassionate communities, but what’s the state of mindfulness outside the school building? How has mindfulness entered the business and government sectors? Many innovative companies and initiatives are bringing mindfulness to small businesses, large corporations, and entire cities. People at the helm of each of these programs share a common goal: to bring communities together through presence and compassion.

Mindfulness Movement in the United Arab Emirates
By Shu Jie Ting, CEI Intern

Mindfulness is being widely used across the globe. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of many countries advocating for educational progressivism, applies mindfulness in innovative ways to combat chronic pain, stress, and depression. 

Classrooms in the United Arab Emirates are also embracing the mindfulness movement as a technique to bring clarity and focus while promoting the well being and resiliency of students. Dr. Christine Kritzas, a counseling psychologist in Dubai, affirms that mindfulness is fast “ becoming a trend in the region ."

Mindfulness in Portugal: Leveraging Social Labs to Catalyze Grassroots Change
By Vien Nguyen, CEI Intern

Educational fads can be frustrating for teachers, because once the hype dies down, good programs are often abandoned. Despite explosive growth over the past 20 years, the mindfulness movement risks becoming a fad if local communities don’t sustain their buy-in over the long run. Policy makers may need to consider different ways of empowering their districts to co-create mindfulness programs and to embed them into their everyday lives. Ivan Sellers, a social entrepreneur based in Portugal, is specifically using a new “Social Lab” platform to involve his country in discovering mindfulness organically. 

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"The practice of mindfulness begins in the small, remote cave of your unconscious mind and blossoms with the sunlight of your conscious life, reaching far beyond the people and places you can see." - Earon Davis

We hope you enjoy these stories of how educators, non-profits, and innovators are using mindfulness to bring hope, healing, and Heart Centered Learning ® to communities around the world. May they inspire you to think about how you can bring mindfulness to your school community this coming school year.

Christine Mason
Executive Director
Center for Educational Improvement