October 2018
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Elegant All Season Sunroom

Client: Jim and Rebecca Martell
Architect: Kirkland & Associates Architects, P.C.
Designer: Ms. Heather Roberts, Ivy and Vine
Project Location: Virginia Highlands
Challenge: As the available space on our client's property was limited, a plan was developed to build on top of the existing garage and connect that structure to their home.

"This has to be the nicest deck in all of Atlanta! It is wonderful but, not certain how well it will hold up when the grandkids come over. Maybe you can get some Tyvek coveralls for them to wear to preserve the white. The street scape is great. You probably raised the value of all the houses around you. We certainly hope you and Becky are pleased and will enjoy the room to the fullest." Patrick R. Kirkland A.I.A

Photography: Anastasia Alkema
"We wanted to continue the vibe of the main house, but bring in some “reclaimed” (beams) elements, and open it up for a common area since the “Cottage” is only a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom structure, it has a traditional feel, while the brass finishes and shiplap throughout give it a more updated look. W e also mimicked the fireplace in the main house for continuity."
Heather Roberts (Designer) Ivy & Vine

"Once we were able to get the permit from City of Atlanta, the project proceeded above expectation. Communication was great. Innovative was always out in front on items so as not to slow down the progress of the project. They were considerate of our personal belongings and space during the project. Diego was great." 
 Jim and Rebecca Martell, Client
Challenge Accepted!
The Martell's wanted a grandkid friendly space. The original deck plan morphed into an all season sunroom with a grilling porch. We helped make their vision a reality. Absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling the grandkids!
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Clark Harris: Owner/President
Clark Harris is the founder and owner of Innovative Construction. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Clark later moved with his family to Hingham, MA. While growing up in Massachusetts, Clark was initially exposed to the construction industry by working on job sites in the summers and holidays while going to college.
Upon graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in history / education, Clark moved south to Atlanta, GA. He continued his career in construction by working for a company that specialized in finishing and restoration. After working in this genre of construction for four years, Clark decided to start his own business that specialized in renovation and restoration. In 2000, Innovative Construction was established. Clark lives in Roswell with his wife Hilary, and children Ben, Danny, Samantha, and their dog Lucy. When not at work, Clark likes to be with his family, camping, fishing, and trying to play golf.
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