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"Bringing people and dreams together one home at a time."
World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade in Hot Springs Arkansas

Building your dream home can be one of the biggest investments you can make in life. You have found your favorite community and land to build. It only makes sense you want your home to be as perfect as possible. Over time, home design and ideas change. This year’s new residential building styles are very much in response to the current economy, global issues, and increase reliance on smart home tech. Taking advantage of new and innovative ways to make a home convenient, comfortable and efficient, while making the most of the overall footprint are definitely at the forefront.


Susie and Nichola

"We were blessed to have Susie Burns take care of us when listing our home for sale. She was professional in all aspects of the process advising and assisting us at each step. If you want a personalized, stress free experience you need to contact Susie."

~Michael and Anne Downes
This Month's Featured Listing
38 Barlovento Way
MLS# 22004847
3 bed / 2 bath
1742 square feet
Built in 2006
Completely remodeled home sits privately on a corner lot with common property in a Lake Balboa neighborhood. Be prepared to move in and enjoy life in the Village as all the work has been done for you! Chef's kitchen with island added & SS appliances. Split floor plan allows privacy for you and your guests. Storage galore. Oversized driveway and garage with shop space. No maintenance exterior and rock/natural yard partially fenced. Roof 2019.

10 Innovative Design Ideas For Your New Home

Adding unique design ideas to your home can give you great features that can save you time, energy and even money down the road. It can also add to your comfort and maybe even help you resale one day. Consider adding some of these ideas to your home plan.

1.) Indoor herb garden - Indoor plants have many benefits, including cleaning the air of pollutants. Indoor herb gardens are trending with vertical gardens being very popular. This puts your favorite herbs at your fingertips without having to go shopping. You also know where they came from and it can save you money.

2.) Underfloor heating - This is an energy-efficient way of warming a space. It operates at a lower temperature than conventional heaters, so it requires less electricity. It warms from the ground, so there's typically less heat wasted. There are two types:
  • Hydronic (water-based) - usually slower to work but cheaper to run.
  • Electrical - generally works the opposite; faster but more expensive.

3.) Heat-rejecting windows - Low-emissivity (low-E) windows are glass panes coated in a special film that is better at rejecting radiant heat than standard glazing. They can keep your home from over-heating, helping you save on air conditioning costs. They also block UV light, so your furniture won't fade as quickly.

4.) Smart home devices - Automate your home devices with a hub, such as Google Home, to control functions through voice commands or on your smartphone. You can control lighting, door locks, security cameras, thermostats, robot vacuums and even your coffee machine. These systems can save you energy and money in the long run.

5.) Solar power - There are two ways to use solar for energy.
  • Battery storage - Stores excess energy for use later, such as at night, or during a grid outage.
  • Evacuated tube solar - Water heating accounts for about a quarter of all household electrical costs. This system harnesses the sun's rays to cost-effectively heat water. Cold water flows into a solar collector, typically on the roof, where the sun's heat is transferred into it. It then runs into a storage tank for use in your home.

6.) Rainwater capture system - Can be used for watering gardens, flushing toilets, showering and even drinking. However, many authorities suggest using the local utilities for water that is to be consumed, as it is more carefully filtered.

7.) Efficient water fittings - Never buy a tap without a fitted aerator. Aerators mix water with air as it comes out, meaning the tap uses less water but still feels high pressure. These can be retrofitted if you do have a faucet without one. Shower heads can also make a difference in your flowrate and can save water and money.

8.) Low-VOC paint - Volatile organic compounds (VOC) can cause some people to experience discomfort or other health issues as it dries. Low VOC paint contains less of these compounds, but the texture is often rougher than regular paint. Look for "non-toxic" or "natural" on the label. Also, look for 5g/L or less of VOCs.

9.) Extra storage - Walk-in closets and built-in bookshelves are highly popular with new home builders because they maximize storage capacity while minimizing floor usage. Another good example to save space is adding a home office and bookshelves under a staircase.

10.) Flexible spaces - These areas can easily be converted from one purpose to another. An extra bedroom could easily be used as a guest room, craft room, media room, or study, depending on your needs at the time.

Meeting for New Members
Wednesday, March 2
10-11:30 AM
Woodlands Auditorium
No Reservation Required

Our first Hot Springs Village POA newcomers meeting of 2022 is Wednesday, March 2, from 10-11:30 a.m. at the Woodlands Auditorium in the Ponce de Leon Center, 1101 DeSoto Blvd.
Come meet your new neighbors, learn about the fun activities and amenities available in the Village, and get answers to all your questions.

Pre-Meeting Coffee and Pastries
Arrive as early as 9:30 AM and enjoy a coffee and pastry provided by Arvest Bank. Meet Stephanie Heffer, Community and Business Relationship Advisor from Arvest.

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Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup

  • 1 lb ground mild Italian sausage
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 medium carrots, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 (32 oz.) cartons chicken broth
  • 1 (9 oz.) refrigerated cheese tortellini
  • 1 (5 oz.) bag baby spinach

  1. In a 5 quart pot or Dutch oven, cook sausage, onion, carrots and garlic over medium heat for 8 - 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until sausage is thoroughly cooked; drain.
  2. Stir in broth; heat to boiling over medium-high heat. Add tortellini; reduce heat to low and cook 8 -12 minutes or until tortellini are tender. Stir in spinach and cook for about 2 more minutes or until spinach is wilted.
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