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Innovative Partnership with Small Business Fuels Chapman Campaign

Mobile advertisements posted on ten vehicles throughout 8th District

Newark, DE - Harnessing the power of innovative technologies, Meredith Chapman recently partnered with Carvertise to wrap ten vehicles with mobile billboards advertising her campaign for the 8th Senate District. Carvertise, a Delaware-based, outdoor advertising media company specializing in car advertising, was founded in 2012 through the Horn Program of Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware.

“The future of our state is dependent upon new ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit that will create business opportunities - and Carvertise is perfect example of how innovation can lead to a successful business model,” said Chapman. “I’m thrilled to work with a local small business to help spread awareness of my campaign, while also reinforcing a key message: Delaware must embrace a culture where start-up and midsize businesses can thrive.”

Named Delaware Innovation Week’s 2015 Tech Startup of the Year, Carvertise has seen 300% year-over-year revenue growth and now boasts a driver database of over 48,000 drivers across all 50 states. Working with clients such as Discover, ShopRite, and Buffalo Wild Wings, Carvertise currently has over 250 wrapped cars driving and advertising throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

“Meredith departed from traditional methods of political advertising and built her marketing plan from scratch focusing on innovative solutions to effectively reach and engage her constituents,” said Mac Nagaswami, co-founder and CEO of Carvertise. “Our company was founded on innovation and thinking differently, and it's pleasing to know this very much parallels the mindset Meredith has and would bring to the state senate.”

In addition to supporting new ideas and innovative solutions, Chapman’s campaign highlights millennials as the future of Delaware’s economy. She has called for doing an assessment of the geographic regions in the state that would encourage millennials to call Delaware home.

“Millennials crave a work, live, play model - they want to be efficient and effective in the workplace, while having access to modern amenities,” Chapman explained. “This is where powerful partnerships are essential; we need developers to work with municipalities, making the enhancements our communities need to entice millennials to build and grow their careers and families in the First State.”

With more than a decade of experience in government, media and education, Chapman is committed to bringing a fresh perspective to Legislative Hall in order to affect positive change that will impact not only the constituents within the 8th Senate District, but residents and businesses throughout the First State. To learn more about Chapman’s campaign, visit


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