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Neuroscience Edition, October 2016


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The main focus of this newsletter is to introduce new products and technologies relevant to Neuroscience Research. 

Qu antitative Imaging Software for Stereology, Neuron Reconstruction and Image Analysis 

MBF Bioscience: Neurolucida 360 for Automatic Neuron Reconstruction

Neurolucida 360 is a groundbreaking tool in Neuroscience research for obtaining reliable data about the size, shape, and complexity of neurons from image stacks and big image data. Quickly reconstruct dendrites, axons, somas, spines and synapses in a 3D environment. Neurolucida 360 works with 3D and 2D images acquired with confocal, two-photon, and fluorescence microscopes or slide scanners. It excels at handling very large images such as whole slide images or images of tissue cleared with CLARITY, Scale, iDISCO, and more.
  • Quickly reconstruct somas, dendrites, and axons
  • Dendritic spine detection and classification are fully automatic
  • Reconstruct neurons 15 times faster with Neurolucida 360
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Electrophysiology &
Multi-Photon Microscopy Systems
Scientifica Complete Electrophysiology Rigs

Scientifica specializes in the development, design and manufacture of high quality solutions for a range of applications including patch clamp and extracellular electrophysiology, two-photon imaging and optogenetics studies.

Scientifica's SliceScope Pro systems are a range of integrated patch clamping solutions suitable for many tissue slice, whole cell and in vivo applications. These systems comprise of Scientifica's SliceScope microscope, manipulators, stages and mounting platforms which are all controlled by simple user-consoles. These versatile systems are available as four main packages, but depending on your experimental needs and personal preferences the SliceScope Pro systems can be tailored to suit you.

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Multi Channel In Vivo Electrophysiological Recording

Blackrock Microsystems - CerePlex™ Direct
The CerePlex™ Direct is a sophisticated direct digital recording data acquisition system, providing unprecedented low-noise recording in a simple plug-and-play package. CerePlex™ Direct is ideal for small mammalian models, non-intensive electrophysiologists, and beginners in data acquisition recording and stimulating. The system is designed for use with any of Blackrock's CerePlex™ digital headstages and is also compatible with the NeuroMotive™ System for video tracking.

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Blackrock Microsystems - 1gram Digital Headstage
The CerePlex™ µ is a very small and lightweight (1 gram) digital headstage that provides a platform for simple stimulation and tracking in freely moving rodents.
It provides an interface between the Cerebus™ or CerePlex™ Direct recording systems and up to 32 microelectrodes for high-fidelity transmission and recording of extracellular spikes and local field potentials from the brain.
In addition to neural recording, it features an onboard 3 axis magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyrometer as new tools for monitoring animal behavior.
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Animal Behavioural Systems  

PhenoSys offers unique, automated instrumentation in the field of behaviour biology. This includes specialised applications of virtual reality and touch screen technology for animal behaviour environments and RFID (transponder) operated devices in home cage environments. The experimental systems are used for behavioural phenotyping, brain research, experimental psychology, and the diagnostic characterisation of animal models for translational medicine.

Phenosys Virtual Reality Systems - Jet Ball

The Jet Ball is a novel virtual reality experimental system. It is based on an air supported spherical treadmill and allows a restrained animal to navigate in virtual space. Virtual reality provides an experimental environment with optimal control and can be used for investigating navigation, cognition, learning, and memory. Restrained animals can be examined with electrophysiological and optogenetic methods while the animal performs simple or complex behaviour.
  • Virtual reality navigation
  • Electrophysiological and optogenetic methods
  • 2-photon laser scanning microscopy
  • Intracellular dynamics during virtual navigation
  • Operant conditioning
  • Learning and memory processes

Deep Brain Imaging & Stimulation Systems for Freely Behaving Animals

Mightex Systems - OASIS Implant

The OASIS Implant from Mightex Systems is a ground-breaking micro-endoscopic system that is capable of doing deep-brain simultaneous all-optical recording and manipulation of neural circuit activity with sub-cellular resolution, on freely behaving animals. Compatible with high-sensitivity research-grade cameras, the OASIS Implant enables researchers to acquire high quality deep-brain images & videos. In addition, with multiple illumination ports, OASIS Implant is equipped with both wide-field and patterned illumination capabilities (when combined with Mightex's market-leading Polygon400) and it is also capable of doing multi-wavelength imaging/stimulation which cannot be done with the existing head-mounted cameras. The overall weight of the head-mounted fixture is as little as 0.3g making OASIS Implant an ideal research tool for in vivo live animal experiments.

Other applications include:-
  • Deep brain calcium imaging in freely behaving animals
  • Deep brain patterned optogenetic stimulation with single-cell or sub-cellular resolution
  • Simultaneous deep brain stimulation and imaging

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QImaging "Retiga Electro"
Scientific Camera for Electrophysiology

The Retiga ELECTRO™ CCD Camera from QImaging® is a brand new scientific camera designed specifically for the unique imaging challenges associated with electrophysiology research.
The Retiga ELECTRO™ is a cooled 1.4MP camera with zero vibration. The camera's advanced technical features were designed to enable the electrophysiologist careful electrode placement, without exogenous noise that pollute recordings.
This is accomplished by 50MHz two port readout delivering a high frame rate needed for electrophysiology, fan-less regulated cooling provides 100% vibration-free imaging and Integrated grounding connection for electrical isolation.

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