Innovia Newsletter, June 2016


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, perhaps a long 4th of July weekend, maybe an exciting trip is in store, or maybe just relaxing a bit!   Our summer is going fairly fast - we took a family trip to New York - first time there, stayed in Times Square, took in a Broadway show, and, even with 4 days, really only scratched the surface - what a neat place!  It also happened to be during Fleet Week, and seeing so many of our brave men and women all decked out was really an honor.
While you enjoy the rest of your summer, I'll help you with planning for a fall event - that would be NAVUG Summit this October 11-14 in Tampa, FL.  This is THE event for NAV users to attend. Last year had great attendance but this year it will explode!  There are so many sessions to attend (plenty to learn), great networking with other users (don't underestimate what you learn here), a large expo area (we'll have our team manning our booth so stop in to chat), and Microsoft is sending more staff this year as well.  And don't forget the Academy - as long as you are going, you can really get a great return on your dollars by going to some deep dive training sessions - we really believe in the value this brings to the community and have a number of our staff instructing classes.
If you are unsure about going to NAVUG Summit, or have some questions to better understand why we say this is such a great event, please reach out to me, your account manager, our leadership team, or really any Innovia team member.  We hope to see you in October. And now, back to enjoying your summer!

Mark Christie, CEO
Innovia Consulting

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Shiny New Gadget of the Month

Show off your tech savvy at Summit 2016 with this Bluetooth Smart Badge. Theoretically it's supposed to show your name, since it's a badge, but you can have it say whatever you want. Express your inner thoughts. Send not-so-covert messages to your friend standing across the room. Let the Bluetooth Smart Badge be your own personal billboard ready to announce your brilliant thoughts to the world. Use your powers wisely.
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Congratulations go to Tara Langley, Culvers Franchising System, who won the Knight Rider K.I.T.T. USB Car Charger.