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October 1, 2018
Yes! a calendar image for April

Meredith and I were talking about what inspires us, and it went something like this: Me: this is going to sound selfish/vain, but I get my inspiration from going inside, not looking outside. Meredith: I don't find that selfish, just a way of going about doing art. There is a whole school out there that carefully plans a piece. Me: I can't do it that way. I have no idea how to make a plan; I have a "wanting to make"; it's as if a vast universe opens up when I look inside. Almost together, but mostly Meredith: We look into the abyss and and say "come out, come out from wherever you are". Me: that we work so similarly most be part of the reason we work so well together.

And we both feel that the art comes through us, that we are most effective when we stay out of the way and let it have it's way. That's not to say we don't pay attention, we look and notice; it's more like a "sense" of wonder and "this resonates".

So, take "Yes! a calendar". It started when Meredith got a bee in her bonnet to cut up her gelli prints and make collages out of them. Looking into the abyss and seeing possibility. Then fooling around.

I loved them, dropped everything else in my life and played around with them, starting a calendar. Most of the calendar went together in a few days. And some of it took weeks and weeks, lots of frustration, lots of pleading/waiting for "come out, come out wherever you are" to get it working as a calendar.

(You do know you can purchase this calendar, right?—Go ahead! Indulge in playful joy!)
Yes! a calendar image for June
June, made of three collages. And type! And lots of space—space to play; space to "sense"; space to let in the joy.
Meredith's collage from her gelli prints.
Judy's magazine paper and gelli printed paper collage.
Judy's painting.
Meredith's collage.

The pieces that make up the calendar were created independently of each other and found a way to be together. Very fun! for us.
Judy's magazine paper and torn drawing collage.

Just a bit of this collage is visible in the calendar image. Can you see it?

And look below: there is my collage used in the calendar, Meredith's painting, and another of my collages for this week's free artwork. With our new quote that really could be our byline!

Artwork and photography by Meredith and Judy; lettering by Meredith;
graphic design by Judy.

At the center of everything we call "the arts" and children call "play"
is something somehow very alive.
Lynda Barry

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