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June/July 2020
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New program - Wheels & Wings, fundraising sessions at 2020 National Conference, FreeWill resources, Wreaths Across America (we want to know your thoughts), best practices, questions from the field, matching gifts, new annual report, CAP field fundraising Facebook group, and more.
Wheels & Wings Generates Income for Units
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Civil Air Patrol has partnered with IAA, a national leader in car donation programs. Because we are an organization of pilots, we wanted a way for owners of airplanes to be able to donate too. IAA rose to the challenge and has created this program just for Civil Air Patrol. We are the first to beta test it.

Now donors can donate their car, boat, RV, heavy equipment and airplanes to benefit Civil Air Patrol programs.

A donor may designate a CAP unit to be the beneficiary, and up to 80% of those proceeds may pass to the unit. Note: this program is still in beta testing, and direct guidance will be created after the initial trial.
Register for 2020 Virtual National Conference
It's FREE!
We are going virtual this year! Our two-day conference will be held August 14-15. Online registration is now open for all membership, seniors and cadets and AEMs and national staff members. Did we mention registration is FREE?

Multiple sessions will be offered on fundraising.

Access Code: CAPExcel2020 (Do not share code on social media)

The original notification was sent in PROPS via email on Tuesday. Encourage members to check their email and register. Share the news and come celebrate with us!
Which fundraising sessions interest you most for National Conference?
Fundraising 101 - How to Fundraise Correctly
Fundraising online - Do's and Don't's
Building Partnerships- How to Start and How to Strengthen?
Top 5 Ways Your Unit Can Fundraise Today
Fundraising Q &A
All of These
None, but thanks for asking!
Happening in August!
How to Promote FreeWill
Resources With Your Members...Plan Ahead
Plan ahead.... August is National Make-a-Will Month, and CAP is encouraging all of our members and supporters to celebrate by writing their wills and taking this important step into their future.

Nearly 70% of American adults don’t have a legal will, including nearly half of adults over the age of 55. To combat these alarming statistics, CAP is sharing a FREE resource for members and friends of CAP to write your own will for free.

It's also a chance for individuals to designate Civil Air Patrol to receive a charitable bequest. What a gift to support your local unit, cadet scholarships, aerospace education or make another meaningful and lasting impact.
Everyone needs a will — it ensures the people and causes you care about are always protected. This tool makes an often complicated and expensive process a bit easier: it takes 20 minutes or less and is totally free to use.
Wreaths Across America
Unit Survey
The field fundraising team wants to know your thoughts about Wreaths Across America as a local unit fundraiser.

Your responses will help determine the level of effort we provide this initiative.

To take our brief survey, click below.
From The Field...
Mahalo -- Saying 'Thank You' During COVID-19
Maj Lisa Myrick, CAP
Deputy Chief of Field Fundraising
If you were to search “Thanks” on your web browser, you would literally find hundreds of ways to say “Thank you!” Your generosity overwhelms me. I can’t thank you enough.
I am humbled by your gift. Thank you so much.

In Hawaii, we say “Mahalo” to convey our thanks, but the word goes beyond being a simple expression. It is a reflection of the heart and a way of living. "Mahalo" is about respect and admiration, appreciation and gratitude, taking care and being mindful of the relationship we share. Expressions of “Mahalo” often include gifts of handmade lei, fresh fruit from our trees, luau pig and hugs. Mahalo is an intention to honor.

As we continue to follow safety guidelines and precautions for COVID-19, let us not forget to say "thank you" to those who have continued to support our local units and the community missions that our volunteers so selflessly give themselves to. While we may not be able to offer hugs or handshakes, there are many ways that we can express thanks to our donors:

Create a video card. Record a video of members saying 'thank you and sharing stories of the impact of the donor’s gift. Photo Collage. Create a collage of pictures from the missions and activities that the donor’s gift affected. Thank You notes and cards/emails. Handwritten notes remain a great way to say thanks. Challenge coins or Certificates of Appreciation. These aren’t just for our members! Even a small token of thankfulness goes a long way towards honoring the relationship with our donors.

Saying thanks says that you value the relationship. As you reach out to your local supporters to share your thanks, please accept my " MUCH MAHALO" for all you do and have done.

Hot Off The Press
2019 Annual Report
Includes CAP Mission Highlights, Recognition List of Donors, Scholarship Recipients and More!
Speaking of thanking your supporters... Here's one way we acknowledge donors at a National level and donations of $250 or more to local squadrons/reported to your Wing headquarters. This would be great to share with your donors.
CAP Field Fundraising Group is now on Facebook Groups
This official group is for all Civil Air Patrol members interested in relational fundraising and stewardship discussion and collaboration. It is managed by the HQ CAP Development Team for internal use only. We welcome participation and encourage you to interact with us often and to comment about the content shared.

Add to the discussion and help grow our CAP community in constructive ways!
Matching Gifts/Volunteer Hours
Did you know, your squadron may be leaving FREE money on the table?

Here's an idea -- think of 5 individuals in your squadron.

Click the button below to utilize our free toolbar. You can search by employer name (if retired, their last employer). Instantly find out if the company matches donations and/or pays for volunteer hours.

Have 5 minutes? The info is easy to find, and even easier to share.

Let us know your success, we just might feature you in a future Field Fundraising e-newsletter.
From the Field... Best Practice
Your unit's story is its greatest asset! One way to tell it is by keeping a running photo log to highlight your unit's activities throughout the year. Be sure to use photos that tell your story clearly and professionally. Having a brief snippet explaining the photo will provide context. This a great tool to be able to quickly access and provide to potential supporters in the community. You could even have sections specifically designated for Cadet Programs, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education, enabling you to easily identify pictures useful for targeted fundraising grants and events.  

From the Field...Your Questions Answered!
Question: Our unit is applying for a local grant and is in need of an updated 501(c)(3) letter. Where do I find one?
Answer: A link for this year's 501(c)(3) letter can be found here .
A copy of the letter or a unit letter of good standing can also be requested at . Be sure to have all requests approved by your Wing Commander before beginning any fundraising activities.
Shop Target and Vote for Civil Air Patrol!
Civil Air Patrol has been chosen as a national nonprofit to receive eligible donations from Target through their Community Giving program. Each time you shop at Target, vote for Civil Air Patrol as our community nonprofit to support.
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