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Activation  Advances
       N E W S L E T T E R
August 30, 2017
  In this issue:
  • New Coaching For Activation® (CFA) Resource Improvements
  • CFA Study Finds Hospital and ER Visits Decline/Improved Clinical Outcomes
  • Caradigm Adds PAM® Survey Into Its Care Management Solution
  • Tribal Members See Activation Rise and 65% drop in Hospital Readmissions
  • PAM Helps Meet MACRA/MIPS Requirements
  • PAM Helps Reclaim GP's Core Role in Long-term Condition Management
Insignia Health Strengthens Coaching for Activation® (CFA) Resource to Help Care Providers Reduce Hospital and ER Visits, Improve Health Outcomes and Control Costs
Insignia Health has updated CFA! This resource is integrated into our Patient Activation Measure administration and scoring system which allows care providers to easily tailor care plans, select goals, and deliver information directly to individuals based on a level of activation and condition.
  • Recommended goals and action steps can now be recorded and
    tracked by individual
  • New supporting resources and content from leading medical sources can be sent to patients with one click (including videos, articles and tip sheets)
  • CFA can be easily integrated into care management systems and work-flows helping providers tailor care plans more effectively
Clients are encouraged to contact your account manager for more details on transitioning to new CFA or adding CFA to your license.
Study Shows CFA Leads to Fewer Trips to the 
Hospital/ER and Better Clinical Outcomes
A new study published in the American Journal of Managed Care shows that patients on a care management program guided by Coaching for Activation ® (CFA) had lower utilization and better clinical outcomes than patients in a typical care management (CM) program.  Over a 19-month period, patients in the typical CM-only program experienced an average of 18% more emergency department visits and 98% more hospital visits than the patients in the CM-CFA test group. 
Caradigm Adds PAM Survey into
Its Care Management Solution
Caradigm, a GE Healthcare company and leader in enterprise population health, announced the integration of Insignia Health's Patient Activation Measure®  (PAM®) self-management survey into Caradigm's Care Management solution to help large integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers, government facilities and community hospitals gain better results in clinical outcomes while reducing costs.
Health Affairs Blog Article Highlights the use of PAM® and Coachi n g for Activation® in Health Programs for Tribal Members in
Eastern Washington

The Health Coaching for Activation program has achieved a shared objective of a 20% improvement in activation while reducing hospital readmissions by 65%.
How Do We Reclaim  GP's Core Role in Long-term
Condition Management?
Dr. Ollie Hart,  a GP partner in Sheffield at the Sloan Medical Center, shares his thoughts on how the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) survey should be used to embed Person-Centered Care into daily practice with patients.  Dr. Hart also works for NHS Sheffield as a clinical commissioner, leading projects in person-centered care and physical activity.  
PAM ® Helps Meet the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Requirements

PAM has been identified within MACRA/MIPS as a key tool to help clinicians and other health professionals improve the quality of care Medicare beneficiaries receive.

PAM is designated as one of the eligible beneficiary engagement improvement activities, meaning that it is expected to improve clinical care delivery and outcomes.  Check out our fact sheet.
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