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COVER ARTICLE | Triaging of DNA-Encoded Library Selection Results by High-Throughput Resynthesis of DNA–Conjugate and Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry
About the cover:
DNA-encoded libraries are produced using split-and-pool combinatorial chemistry, and DNA-conjugated byproducts and starting materials cannot be removed from the library. We describe a method for DNA-conjugated molecules' high-throughput resynthesis following library production that contains all products. The mixtures are assessed for protein binding, and molecular weights of the binders are ascertained.
Up-coming Webinar | Hit-Finding Success with DNA Encoded Libraries in Academia
Leading academic researchers are ready to share their stories of success deploying the DELopen platform for hit finding success.
 DNA encoded (DEL) technology involves a novel affinity selection process that integrates chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and computational chemistry to facilitate a rapid drug discovery process, allowing access to more chemical space at lower costs.
Attend this webinar to learn how to leverage DELopen to gain free access to billions of compounds so you can launch your drug discovery timelines forward.
On Demand Webinars
Explore the new developments in computational chemistry and learn how virtual hits are transferred from virtual to reality.
  • Designing, building and searching ultra-large virtual libraries
  • In silico high throughput screening utilizing the latest modelling and cloud based approaches
  • Converting virtual hits to reality
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Watch this webinar to compare existing strategies for peptide hit discovery with next-generation approaches for producing, displaying, encoding and screening libraries to identify high-affinity binders with strong functional activity. And, review application of concomitant advances in the generation and incorporation of non-natural building blocks and PEGylation, as well as the introduction of constrained secondary structure elements, such as a macrocyclisation.
Meet us !
Our scientists are excited to showcase their novel research during BIO Digital 2021 with the following presentations:
  • Dave Madge, Vice President, Research Service Division “Discovery and characterization of bifunctional degrader molecules”
  • Shelley (Fang) Zhang, “Comprehensive target discovery and validation at HDB-WuXi AppTec
Attend our presentations, and meet with our scientists to get your urgent drug discovery questions answered by our experienced scientists.
Have an oncology question or project you’d like to discuss?
Join Dave Madge during this EU & US East Coast event and learn more about our services and solutions.
Meet with Sajesh Parathath, Senior Director, Biology at WuXi AppTec during this event to learn more about our innovative platforms.
Meet with Rosie Hutchings, Executive Director, Research Service Division to discuss your drug discovery projects and and learn more about our technology platforms.
Baiqiu Wang, Vice President of Discovery Biology and Shelley (Fang) Zhang, Director II, will be presenting HDB - WuXi AppTec evolving genetic manipulation platforms and library screen platform propelled by various new technologies, and extension to the challenging field of immunology, as well as expansion and utilization in multiple new modalities.
  •  Advanced genetic manipulation platforms propelled by CRISPR and other new technologies
  • Gene editing in various human and mouse primary immune cells
  • From new tech to new modalities (PROTAC, TCR-T/CAR-T, AOC/ASO etc)