Hello Everyone!

I truly hope this finds you all well and in good health. As you may know, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the nature of some job functions within CPAESS, causing some job duties to come to a halt. With no clear end in sight concerning the impacts of the pandemic, we as an organization have had to explore these staffing challenges as we look at our short- and long-term business needs. With that in mind, it is with a heavy heart that I’m writing to inform you that we’ve had to furlough some of our staff through October 31st.

These staffing changes, effective August 3rd, have impacted the Travel and Events Team, and therefore your travel- and meeting-related requests may be managed by a team member who is new to you. Please know that we are still dedicated to providing stellar service in support of you and your meeting and travel needs during this challenging time.

I know this news might be unsettling. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Rest assured we will still be taking care of your travel and event needs. Should you need any assistance, please contact Melanie Russ.

It is also with great sadness that I inform you that our CPAESS colleagues who work at NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction (OWP) will be transitioning from CPAESS to new employers.  Our staff will have the opportunity to transition to a new employer for their OWP work which will begin October 1, 2020. We greatly value all of our colleagues and their excellent work. I wish each one of them the very best in their futures, and will do all that I can to help their transition go smoothly.  

I would also like to remind you of the mandatory training deadlines that are approaching for UCAR staff. The UCAR Privacy and Security 2020 class is due to be completed by August 10, 2020. Also the UCAR Harassment Prevention and Reporting class is due to be completed August 14. You will need your CIT login and password to access these classes on Workday.

Please know how impressed I am with the work that is being done across our CPAESS program. I truly appreciate all of your efforts. Please stay safe, and I hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy the summer in some measure.