Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer and enjoying the warm weather. I want you to know that at CPAESS things are moving forward nicely. Our reputation for ground-breaking science and excellent service in a breadth of fields has enabled us to be recommended for funding for the NOAA’s Science Collaboration Program (SCP) and the NOAA’s Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program (CAMP). We are simply delighted by this news. This is the second time CPAESS has secured these cooperative agreements. Your hard work is at the heart of our reputation, which enables us to move forward with these agreements. Thank you.
Lately, you have been getting multiple requests for surveys including the Culture Survey, a Benefits Survey, and a second Pulse Survey. I know these can be fatiguing, but thank you to all who responded. I do pay close attention to the results of these surveys and do whatever I can to adjust CPAESS’ course to continually improve our program.
As you know we are in the throes of the Performance Evaluation review process. For those of you in non-UCAR locations, we are getting input from your federal co-workers and supervisors to complete this process. If for some reason you haven’t completed your Self-Evaluation, please do so now. If you have any questions at all, please done hesitate to reach out.

This coming Sunday is the 4th of July. We will all get Monday off as a vacation day. I hope you have a relaxing, extended weekend and are able to enjoy it in good company.
My sincere appreciation for all you do.