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June 2019

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Hello from Hanne
Hello Everyone,

Our summer has already been very busy with lots of wonderful work being accomplished. Thank you so much!

I have been traveling a good deal lately and this will continue into the near future. This past week I was in Washington, D.C. again. At the beginning of the week I was attending strategic planning sessions for NOAA’s Ocean Observing and Monitoring Division’s ( OOMD ) Community Meeting in Silver Spring, MD.  On Wednesday and Thursday I was on-site for Workday trainings in Silver Spring and College Park. I was also able to have individual meetings scheduled with Emily Smith, Shelby Brunner, Sanja Perica, Genene Fisher, Christa Rabenold and Rachael Gulbraa – so yet another busy trip to DC.

Today I am back in Boulder working on our additions to our USGS proposal and CPAESS' strategic plan. CPAESS is also responding to an NSF proposal regarding an  Overview of Plan for Engaging the BIO Community about the Opportunities and Challenges for Reintegrating Knowledge across the Subdisciplines of Biology.  This scientific event management work will occur in three different locations and be broadcast and broadens our reach in the earth system science community.

From June 24-27 I will be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to meet with everyone at the National Water Center. We will have Workday training sessions there as well with Heather Hoyer. Remember on July 1, UCAR officially moves to Workday for our payroll. Please see an extensive list of online training sessions to help you out. Also know that next month I will be in Denmark from July 11-29. I will be celebrating my mom's 90th birthday with my family.

I hope you enjoy this edition of news from CPAESS and please remember that this is YOUR newsletter. We would love to hear from you! If you have any news you'd like to contribute please send it here .

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work!
Canadian Ph.D. Honor
Congratulations to one of our NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellows, Danielle Claar, who just won the Canadian Governor General’s Gold Medal Award for outstanding dissertation!
Danielle’s work is about understanding the mechanisms of ecosystem resilience. She works to further our knowledge of interactions between humans and coral reef ecosystems in order to better inform conservation of coral reefs in a changing environment. This is done by conducting research expeditions, using statistical modelling to disentangle large data sets, and implementing genomic and bioinformatic approaches to support conservation decisions. 
Dr. Claar finished her Ph.D. with the Baum Lab at the University of Victoria, where her thesis research focused on how human and environmental impacts can affect interactions between corals and their symbiotic algae (Symbiodinium). She was recently awarded the Canadian Governor General’s Gold Medal Award for outstanding dissertation for her Ph.D. dissertation on “Coral Symbioses Under Stress: Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Coral-Symbiodinium Interactions.” 
As a NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Scholar in the Wood Lab at the University of Washington her research focuses on using coral reef fish parasites as bioindicators of environmental change. Specifically, how oceanographic drivers during the 2015/2016 El Niño influenced fish-associated parasite assemblages with her project “A rising tide of marine disease? Large- scale climatic drivers of parasitism in coral reef fishes.” This work will provide vital information needed to sustainably manage climate impacts on marine ecosystems and to assist coastal communities with adaptation to climate change.
Congratulations Dr. Claar and all the best to you in your important research. Get a more in-depth look at her work here.
Danielle Claar researching our coral reefs. Photo by Kristina Tietjen.
Congratulations to our Dads!
Canna, daughter of Michael St. Laurent.
Ayala, daughter of Rei Chemke.
Alex Maestre Martinez holding his son Jean Paul below.
Happy Father's Day to all our fathers working for CPAESS. This month we have three new births to report among our dads.

At the NOAA's Office of Water Prediction in Silver Spring, Maryland our Associate Scientist Michael St. Laurent became a father for the first time. On June 6th at 3:25am Canna Providence came into this world making him a dad. Both mom and baby are doing great.

Next one of our NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellows, Rei Chemke in New York just had a beautiful girl. Her name is Ayala and we are thrilled for you.

Last but not least, congratulations to Alexander Maestre Martinez, his wife Georgina and their daughter Sophie on the birth of their latest family member, Jean Paul! Alex is a UCAR Associate Scientist in the NOAA Office of Water Prediction (NWC) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

A hearty congratulations to all each of you! We are delighted for your new joy!
Workday Updates
Beginning July 1, 2019 all UCAR employees will be using Workday to do most of their HR and payroll tasks including:

  • Enter our time cards and view our payslips
  • Enter our planned absences (such as Paid Time Off or sick/vacation)
  • Manage our employee information (including names, dependents, emergency contacts, direct deposit accounts, and W-4s)
  • Manage our benefit elections
  • Hire and terminate employees
  • Onboard new employees

To continue to prepare you for these changes there are numerous online webcast and Google Hangout trainings as listed on our Workday project website and listed below. You will notice that most of them have a webcast Intro to Workday, followed a half hour later with an Entering Time and Planned Absences into Workday so you should be able to knock both off in half a day.

Thursday, June 27: 9:00 - 9:45 am MST - Webcast available
Friday, June 28: 9:00 - 9:45 am MST - Webcast available
Friday, June 28: 1:00 - 1:45 pm MST - Webcast available
Tuesday, July 2: 1:00 - 1:45 pm MST - Webcast available
Wednesday, July 3: 9:00 - 9:45 am MST - Webcast available

Thursday, June 27: 10:00 - 10:30 am MST - Webcast available
Friday, June 28: 10:00 - 10:30 am MST - Webcast available
Friday, June 28: 2:00 - 2:30 pm MST - Webcast available
Tuesday, July 2: 2:00 - 2:30 pm MST - Webcast available
Wednesday, July 3: 10:00 - 10:30 am MST - Webcast available

You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as you need to prepare for our new Workday system. Two additional ways to prepare is through their online demos and by signing up for the Workday newsletter. For the newsletter use the subscription area along the right side of the page to subscribe. You can also access previous editions from there. 

In addition to the above webcast trainings, Heather Hoyer from UCAR HR has done onsite training in Silver Spring, Maryland and will do training in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Tuesday, June 25th. There is more to come. Thank you all for your attention to this matter.
Performance Evaluations
For those of you participating in the performance evaluations, thank you very much for your self-evaluations and feedback that you’ve provided. A special thank you to Ellen Thomas from the UCP Directorate for helping CPAESS out throughout this process. She is an example of how UCP’s Business Shared Services (BSS) is working. We are very grateful to be able to avail ourselves to her assistance through BSS and wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all of this work without her.

If you have any questions about performance evaluations please don’t hesitate to contact Maureen Nelson.
Ellen Thomas of UCP Directorate and Business Shared Services.
ESWN 2019
Today there are more women working in the sciences than ever before, yet women are still underrepresented in leadership roles. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for women across scientific disciplines and career levels to build their leadership and management skills.

Register now for the Earth Science Women’s Network 2019 Professional Development Workshop: Leadership Skills for Success in the Scientific Workforce. Applications are welcome until July 19 and the event is November 4-6, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado. Last year this event was a great success in providing a wonderful opportunity to meet, share, and learn from other women scientists.
CPAESS Pitch Wins
The President's Strategic Initiate Fund 2019 winners were recently announced and our own Maureen Nelson was among the winners. There were nine submissions for the administrative Opportunity Award and three winners. Maureen was part of the team that pitched the Business Operations Improvement and Training Approach Model for UCP/NCAR Administration Using a Lean Approach along with Silvia Agnona (COSMIC) and Kay McConagha (UCP). Excellent job Maureen and congrats on your idea receiving funds to move forward!
Beginning with the 2019 hurricane season, the National Hurricane Program's web-based platform (HVX-HURREVAC) is now operational. The National Hurricane Program which is a federal partnership between FEMA, NOAA and the USACE has created the web-based software for government emergency management use.

Since the DHS Science and Technology Directorate piloted the web-based platform last hurricane season, a number of new features and capabilities have been added. Some notable examples include:

The GIS and data processing efforts for this software were led by our own William Booth who is an Associate Scientist at the National Hurricane Center. This work is a culmination of about 2 years of data processing. It is the successful merging of URREVAC and SLOSH Display Programs.

Branch Chief of the Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch at the NOAA National Weather Service, Allison Allen says “Please extend my humble and sincere thanks to the SSU (including Ethan), with particular nod to William's meticulous work and leadership on this.” She also says, “This is truly a remarkable advance, and will benefit HURREVAC users and the communities they serve tremendously.”

Congratulations on your excellent work William and your efforts to make everyone safer during hurricane season.
Our New Co-Workers
CPAESS has added some wonderful new staff members.

NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research (OER)
Christa Rabenold - Writer/Editor
Rachel Gulbraa - Writer/Editor

Office of Water Prediction (OWP)
Fernando Aristizabal - Associate Scientist

Welcome to CPAESS everyone! We are delighted you have joined the team and look forward to working with you. Please reach out if you have any questions.
If we don't have a picture of you on our website , but you'd like to share one then please send them here (:
Patriotic Employer
CPAESS is proud to support our own Dan Burge who in the past was Marine active duty, and who currently serves as an Operations Chief for the Army National Guard. In recognition for CPAESS’ support of Dan’s service our director Hanne Mauriello has received numerous Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve - Patriotic Employer Awards.

The awards were presented by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) program of the U.S. Defense Department which promotes cooperation and understanding between civilian employers and their National Guard and Reserve employees. Their goal is to provide critical support to members of our country’s National Guard and Reserve, helping them to both maintain their active duty status and perform meaningful civilian work.

A service member’s reserve work can take them away from their civilian jobs on short notice, and sometimes for a considerable length of time so employers who are flexible and respectful of those who serve have a positive federal impact.
Upcoming Meetings
Our upcoming meetings include the NOAA Climate and Global Change Summer Institute which will be held in Steamboat Springs, CO from July 14-19. Additionally the Heliophysics Summer School will be held in Boulder, CO from July 23-30.

Don't miss the international decadal meeting OceanObs'19 which will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from September 16-20.

U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program
US CLIVAR will be putting on The Large Ensembles Workshop from July 24-26 in Boulder, CO. It will serve to foster usage of large initial-condition ensembles with Earth System Models to advance understanding of natural climate variability, anthropogenic climate change, and their impacts.

Registration is now open for the Water Isotopes and Climate Workshop, October 1-3, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado. Abstracts due July 19, 2019. 

They have a calendar of ongoing webinar series accessible via their website. Coming up next is the US AMOC Science Team Webinar Series, which occurs every third Thursday at Noon EST and discusses recent Atlantic overturning circulation research. They also have an extensive list of ongoing workshops to check out as well and a list of workshops around the world.
Educational Opportunities:
To Teach and Learn
You may have noticed that NCAR/UCAR provides opportunities to share your research through broadcast lectures. Several of you have taken advantage of this opportunity through currently established seminar series. Given there are so many brilliant researchers in CPAESS we will be starting a CPAESS Seminar series.

If you will be traveling to Boulder for any other purpose, please consider giving a talk about your research while you are here. Please contact us as soon as you can about your trip and we will set everything up! Spread the word - this is a great opportunity for you to network with other UCAR/NCAR scientists and have them understand your special slice of the science pie.

- Here is a brief list of upcoming lectures hyperlinked for you-

The following lectures can be seen here.

Computational Approaches to Current Challenges in Coastal Engineering by Talea Mayo of Stanford University.

Special MMM/RAL Joint Seminar - Urban weather observations and fine-casting in the Netherlands by Bert Holtslag of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Recorded seminar can be viewed here.

More archived webcasts and videos here.
Go to the MetEd site for training resources here.
Your Publications
Part of your employment expectations is listing your publications in OpenSky on the UCAR/NCAR website. The purpose of this digital archive is to provide free and open access to the scientific output and other intellectual resources created at NCAR/UCAR for the advancement of the atmospheric and related sciences.

In the Acknowledgements section scientists note the agency and grant number that supported their research. This is a requirement for funded work. Please contact us and we'll happily send you the language and grant number for any of your publications. Thanks very much!
Recent Publications

Qin, Y., Y. Fang, X. Li, V. Naik, L. W. Horowitz, J. Liu, N. Scovronick, and D. L. Mauzerall, 2019: Source attribution of black carbon affecting regional air quality, premature mortality and glacial deposition in 2000 Atmospheric Environment 206 , 144-155, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2019.02.048.

Bhaskar, A., and G. Vichare, 2019: Forecasting of SYMH and ASYH indices for geomagnetic storms of solar cycle 24 including St. Patrick’s day, 2015 storm using NARX neural network. Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, 9, A12, doi:10.1051/swsc/2019007.
CPAESS Work Opportunities
CPAESS has numerous job listings for work at the National Ocean Service/ Office of Coast Survey and the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation. Check out our open positions and let your friends know. 
Even people employed by CPAESS ask about the breadth and depth of the programs and opportunities we provide. Here is a super brief primer.

CPAESS is a part of the UCAR/NCAR family. Specifically, we are within UCAR’s Community Programs (UCP). CPAESS is the largest of UCAR's Community Programs.

CPAESS’ provides early career opportunities including employment at federal labs across the nation. We also host multi-agency programs and have partnerships with federal agencies –take a peek to get an idea of some of them listed here. CPAESS provides postdoctoral and educational programs. Lastly, we convene scientific communities to help promulgate scientific information and foster collaboration across the earth system science community. Here is a list of our upcoming events.

CPAESS has approximately 140 employees, over 100 of which are spread across the United States as seen on the map below. If you go here you can click on a location and you'll see staff grouped by program work. Many of our co-workers are in federal labs. Our staff's skill sets are impressively diverse. We appreciate you and your talents being a part of the CPAESS family.