Hello Everyone!

I wish you all well in this midst of this unusual time. I am hopeful we will all emerge the better for it. Just so you are all aware, I am back in the office part time now. UCAR in general is still working from home full-time.

On June 11th, UCAR President and our Board of Trustees issued a statement regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and wide spread protests. In part it says " As we reflect on these deeply troubling issues, we invite our fellow leaders and colleagues in the Earth system sciences to remember that institutionalized racism pervades our own community as well. This problem is not new. We have known for decades that Black people and other people of color, along with women and other historically marginalized groups, are not represented proportionally in our fields." Please see this statement in its entirety here. I want you to know that we understand that diversity is our strength and in all of our processes we continue to work to remove bias and promote equity and inclusion.

Some of the actions UCAR is taking include an organization wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan. UCAR offers i n-depth equity and inclusion training ( UNEION ) to educate staff about identity, power, privilege, gendered and racial dynamics, and bystander intervention techniques. UCAR is continuing to expand  the SOARS program , which has provided intensive mentorship and support for more than two decades to students from underrepresented groups. There are ongoing efforts to overhaul our  hiring  practices to better recruit diverse candidates. This includes mandatory training in implicit bias for all hiring committee members. This is something CPAESS has particularly worked on these past several years in regards to our postdoctoral student selection. UCAR is developing a strategic plan to strengthen our relationships with historically Black colleges and universities and other Minority Serving Institutions in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way, including co-created research partnerships. CPAESS will work with UCP to participate in these visits to work to make our postdoctoral student pool more inclusive.

If you have other ideas p lease send your ideas and suggestions for further action to UCAR President Antonio Busalacchi at  tonyb@ucar.edu  or UCAR Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Carolyn Brinkworth at  carolyn@ucar.edu or myself .

Regarding our Performance Evaluations, know that the 2020 process is well underway and we thank you for your participation and support. Please take a minute to look in your Workday Inbox to see if there are any requests for Network Feedback. There will be a series of  Consistency Reviews , beginning within CPAESS, then within UCP, and finally by the UCAR President. If you have any questions reach out to the CAPESS PE team at CPAESSPE@ucar.edu .

One bit of housekeeping. When you submit your timecards in WorkDay please remember you have to hit "Submit" twice as this is the way the program is set up. Thank you for your help on this.