Hello Everyone,

I hope this finds you well in the midst of this difficult time. As most of us don’t typically telework, know that I am aware of the challenges it can bring. I will do whatever is in my power to assist you.

At this point I'm assuming most of you are working from home, unless your host/agency has designated you as essential personnel. If virtual work arrangements are acceptable to your federal/host agency, please let me know if you are not taking advantage of these. We understand that social distancing is an important strategy in preventing the spread of this virus, and permissions and approvals on the UCAR | CPAESS and are no longer necessary. If you cannot execute the work duties of your position remotely, please contact me directly.

First of all thank you all for filling out our survey. Between the phone calls, emails and the Questions and Answers below and here I have tried to address some of the issues our telework situation has caused. I know that many of you have been working with IT support at your different agencies to secure the tools you need to properly telecommute. Please make sure I know if you still are missing equipment, connectivity or other resources for your work that we can potentially resolve. 

Additionally here is a UCAR Resource information sheet in case any of this is useful to your situation. This covers a breadth of information that may be of use to you including UCAR Equipment & Connectivity, UCAR IT Issues, UCAR VPN, UCAR voicemail, Google Meet, GlobalMeet, UCAR Purchasing, UCAR COVID Info, Family Leave, Miscellaneous Other, and Connecting with Staff.

Being in the midst of a pandemic is an ever-changing and unusual situation. UCAR has a pretty robust site with many different resources on it that could be helpful to you. Please check out the UCAR COVID site which includes a lot of categorical links including FAQs, HR info, Tony’s COVID Emails, etc. In particular many of you may find that you have to care for sick family members. UCAR has temporarily expanded the Family Sick Leave Policy to include not only personal sickness but that of family members. Please see Tony Busalacchi’s email and Neil Barker’s email concerning this, and check out UCAR’s HR FAQ or post your question here

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions concerning this evolving situation. 
I appreciate all of your work and want you all to stay healthy and safe.
My sincere thanks ,