It’s the morning of Friday October 30th and do you know what that means?! You had better, because I sure do! SCREAMING HAPPY 41ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! Can you tell how excited I am?! Yes? YES! I have been waiting all month for this day and although we are smack in the middle of a pandemic, nothing is going to deter me from turning up the best way I know how. I am a whole 4-1 and after how the past year has been, I am just so grateful to see today. 

The morning of my birthday usually starts off with Starbucks. I love getting my usual grande flat white with a breakfast sandwich (spinach feta and egg whites wrap) to kick-start my day. Today is going to be as relaxed as possible and whatever happens, happens and if it doesn’t, then well, it doesn’t. I want to take in every moment and appreciate the little things that I might usually take for granted.

And in the spirit of not taking things for granted, I know the birthday wishes will eventually come pouring in, which I thank you all for in advance. However, what would make me so much happier would be if you donated to Trillium Health Partners in honour of my birthday. Today, as I reflect on everything that took place over the past year, I can say that I have grown in many ways and I am so thankful to Trillium for giving me the opportunity of a second chance.

So quite random, I have this tradition where I always gift myself a birthday present. This year, it’s Mariah Carey’s memoire. I already have her album- “The Rarities'' and in the first half of it, there are songs dating as far back as 1993 that were never released. The second half includes 10 bonus tracks from her live concert in Tokyo. Listen! If her album wasn’t already popping, I’m getting the memoire both in the hardcover and audible version as I’ve heard that she sings in one of the chapters! Phew! To say that I love her really is an understatement. Ladies, have you ever seen the video

The last few days have been rather relaxing and I think it’s probably because it’s my birthday week. Although it’s only fair that my homeboy Ed Sheeran gets some credit for pretty much getting me through the week. He’s such an amazing songwriter and if you were to take the music out of his songs and pay attention to the lyrics, you’d notice that his words always seem to tell an amazing story. I love that they are not just empty words, you know? So yeah, I’ve been listening to “Barcelona” on repeat and each time I had heard it in the past, I always wanted to break out into a dance but because my blinds were mostly wide open, meaning that anyone across from me could see everything, I always held back. But not this week. Oh no, darling. I broke out into my dance, felt the rhythm of the beat and let it lead me. I didn’t care who was watching, really. I let myself be. I’ve needed to be this care-free for so long and I’m glad he was there for me.

Oh and before I forget, this past Thanksgiving, I finally got a change of scenery. Hubby and I went up North for a week to escape the craziness of it all. After last month’s stress, I needed to reset! We drove up to a little town called Zurich, not too far from Grand Bend. We stayed by a quiet little dirt road that was so peaceful. The backyard had a cornfield and we watched them harvest the corn. Talk about true town folk LOL I wouldn’t have been shocked if I had spotted a horse and buggy going down the road. Anywho, on the evening of Thanksgiving, we had a simple but scrumptious dinner. I baked a ginger carrot cake with walnuts and raisins, with cheese cream frosting on top. Yum. The main course consisted of cornish hens, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, sauted mushrooms, peas, tomatoes and onions, a garden salad, and of course plantain. Can’t forget the plantain! It was a very chilled and relaxing week and I definitely feel more recharged, although not as much as I’d like to be, but your girl isn’t complaining, now is she? 

How did you spend your Thanksgiving and what were you thankful for? I’d love to hear your stories! Also, if it’s your birthday as well today, happy happy birthday to you! It’s no secret that we October babies rock.

Which reminds me, November is already here. So if you’re a US citizen or know someone who is, that’s living in Canada, please go out to vote because your vote counts!

Talk soon!