The end of the year is here and so is yet another decade. But before we close this chapter and get ready to write a new one, there’s still that feeling of the Chrstmas season that lingers.

Christmas is all about the spirit of hope, love, joy, giving and so much more. Over the last 10 years, I’ve experienced sprinkles of these moments in different areas of my life. I remember the joy I felt back in 2010 when I moved to a new city. It was exciting knowing I would have to adapt to a new way of life yet again. Love was when I married the man who constantly stood by my side, 9 years ago, a year that I will always cherish.

I felt hopeful the year I launched CSBW. It was perfect because we started at the beginning of the year, an opportunity that gave me an outlook on what the entire year would look like. It was an incredible feeling of hope.

It was at our Ottawa Expo in 2018 when I was left in awe at the generosity and compassion of each and everyone of you that supported the local women’s shelter. I can never forget driving away from the Expo with my entire car (trunk and inside) filled with items to be delivered to the shelter. My heart was so full as I experienced the act of giving being taken to a whole new level, on such short notice.

Now as we step into a new decade, I don’t want to experience the magic of Christmas every other year or only when the season comes around. Rather, I want to make sure that every waking moment, I can share love, joy and hope with those around me.

Come what may.

Talk soon!