Hello hello!
I know you’ve missed me and that it bothers you that you had to wait a whole month before hearing from me again. But just so you know, being awesome 24/7 is some real commitment and as much as I’d like to show up in your inboxes more often, your girl needs a kit-kat once in a while. Plus, you finally received that email notification you’ve long been waiting for, so there you go! No need to thank me.
Anyway, we did say our motto this year was booked, busy and blessed, right? Well, guess what? Your girl took it to a whole ‘nother level and branded it! That’s right. Our merch shop finally launched and I’m excited for you to see the products I curated just for you! You can now shop our different collections : Keep me inside, Keep me on track, Keep me informed, Keep me in the know and Take me outside. I literally had fun naming all of them! It was like the phrases just kept coming to me, you know? *brushes shoulders* 

And on the topic of being booked, it's been super busy with all these speaking engagements. One of the highlights was when I spoke at the Brampton Board of Trade about overcoming adversity in life and in business. Someone asked me why I chose that topic and I thought it was a very good question, so here’s my answer! As we all know, it’s been a year after the pandemic hit and the world is still in a lot of disarray. We as entrepreneurs don’t know when or how we are going to come out of this. We are downtrodden. We are holding on tightly to what we can in the face of adversity. And it’s the very state we are in right now that reminded me so much of my journey with cancer. I never knew the words “you have cancer” would be words I would ever hear in my lifetime. Yet, despite some very challenging days, I pulled myself up, looked ahead and didn’t give up. Easy to say now that I am on the other side, yes, because in the middle of tragedy, making it to the end alive is all you ever pray for. But it was taking it one day at a time that helped me get through that tough period. Truthfully, none of us really know what lies ahead but we can make sure that whatever life hits us with, we can take it on with hope. The way I see it is like this: everyday is a hurdle that we can either choose to jump over or allow to overcome us. And it’s a choice we have to make every single day, regardless of how we feel. So why not make our choices count?
On a much lighter note, I officially became a mentor for the Sheridan College Edge Mentorship Program and I will be speaking at an event next month. Exciting! I also officially became a member of the Reunion and Special Events Committee at University of Windsor’s Alumni Association. What pushed me to apply was that I really felt that there was not enough Black representation in the association. Thinking of Black students needing guidance once they’ve graduated from university or those coming in who are looking for resources to help navigate the system, really validated the reason for wanting to be the face for students or alumni to relate to, because back in my university days, I didn’t really have that. Interestingly enough, when I applied to be part of the association, there were actually no openings at that time. However, they made an exception for me, which I thought was necessary on their part. Because why not?
OK, so I finally accepted that I will be home for the summer! I went out and bought some outdoor patio furniture and decided that I will be having a mini oasis since the patio is where I’m going to be spending all my time. Plus, now that I’m new to the gardening world, staying home might not be too bad after all. I’m super excited because my seeds have sprouted! Step one, germination, complete! Listen, I said I was going to be a gardener and so I’m determined to make this work. Your girl is not trying to fail at growing vegetables. Nope. Completely unheard of. So I need to figure out a way to keep up my appearances and posts on all those Facebook groups I’m a part of because who knew gardening was so intense?! Sheesh.
PS. I've been trying to kill it with the Xtreme Hip Hop workout sessions and I managed to somehow get my sister onboard. Poor girl was dying in her driveway, because somehow, we decided to do this where all the neighbours could see. Ladies, didn’t I tell you that when I gave up my wine and cheese temporarily, that I was going to get serious with the one-two step? Exactly. Sis, you had it coming for ya! #sorrynotsorry

Talk soon!