Okay, so I know my motto for the year is “booked, busy and blessed”. But listen. Your girl has been overbooked, over busy and over blessed. And it’s only February. Goodness! 28 days were definitely not enough for everything this month had to offer. It was jam packed with Black History Month, Family Day, Valentine’s Day and pretty much every other waking day. Your girl was just trying to keep up and catch her breath! No word of a lie. But hey, who’s complaining?
There was an event I had on Clubhouse about being Black in Canada. It was so good to the point that we just might have to host an event like it every month. It was the type of conversation that needs to be had on a regular. There were 8 moderators from different parts of Canada, both men and women and we chatted about our various upbringing, experiences and what we hope for the future. It was a really good conversation. On a side note, what I’ve found super interesting about Clubhouse is that since there are not a lot of Canadian people on the app (it’s American, btw), folks have tried to downplay the Black people in Canada like they don’t have struggles too or that racism does not exist here. And what’s even more challenging is when you show up and say that you're from Canada and that you're Black, they're surprised, like really? That’s actually a thing?
And speaking of being Black in Canada. If you were one of those folks that put up black squares on your social media platforms last year, I want to know what you did to recognize and acknowledge our existence this month. We appreciate the solidarity, but I need everyone to recognize that this wasn’t a trend - it’s our lives. And that’s on Mary had a little lamb (thank Clubhouse for that)! 
Anyways, I’ve pulled together some resources that could prove helpful to those who might need it.
Organizations for Education and Support of the Black Canadian Experience
Federation of Black Canadians - non profit driven by organizations around the country to advance Black people
Now back to being overbooked. Earlier this month, I spoke to students at Algonquin College about leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. I believe it was the perfect topic because not only can they apply leadership to their personal lives, they can also apply it to the entrepreneurial or corporate world. It was a great event. Also, on February 22, I was invited to be the Guest Speaker at a weekly Black Women of Forward Action (BWFA) meeting. I shared tips about strategic networking in a virtual world, which is so needed right now. That went well too.
Finally, I moderated a panel for Black History Month for the University of Windsor Alumni Association, featuring 3 other alumni. It was nice to connect with them and share life stories and things we face that other people don’t even realize we go through. It was a very frank conversation and they were all an open book even though we had to err on the side of caution. I know you wish you were there - watch the replay here.
Oh and how could I forget? Last but not least, our virtual Valentine's Day event was a huge success! It was so much fun. I had a great time meeting new faces, getting down and creative with my painting, sipping on some drinks and munching away at the ever so delicious charcuterie. The whole event was perfect for the time we are in. And to top it all off, Chef Quest was completely amazing and very patient with us. I even had enough time to sip my drink, eat, paint and still finish in time. Oh and everyone’s edible painting turned out extremely cute. 

Ahhh, so much to do in so little time! It’s no wonder that I’m already trying to finesse my way into getting some time off, so that I can throw my feet up. But knowing me, I’d probably book some more engagements instead of catching up on sleep. But hey, at least I’d be semi-rested while signing my name on those dotted lines. What was it again? Booked, busy and blessed? Yep, you got that right! 

Talk soon!