Welcome to the first ever Inside Conversations with me, Dwania ! I’m so excited to embark on this somewhat new journey with you all. My team and I have worked hard this past month to make sure that this does not come off as yet another professional newsletter, but as one that you can totally relate to. My goal is to have you as comfortable with me, as I am with you.

And so for this newsletter, I sat with the team and brainstormed what we thought the direction of the content should be. Naturally of course, we decided on a Q & A. I mean, what better way to know a little bit about me than for me to give genuine answers to questions asked.

So they’ve come up with a number of questions, to give you a little sneak-peek into my life and that of CSBW.

OK - let’s do this! But first of all, let me re-introduce myself.

I’m Dwania Peele and I am a lover of life, knowledge and rules. I love to enjoy every moment and I am definitely a glass half-full kind of girl. In life, I have bad moments, not bad days. I am a very analytical thinker and sometimes that can translate into unemotional. However, beneath it all, I am an emotional roller-coaster but I just don’t show it. Did I mention that I am a chatterbox? I love to talk and I love people, but I also enjoy time on my own. And when it comes down to it, I am very sure of myself.

Now let’s dive right in.

What is your professional background?
I’ve got a degree in Chemistry and Political Science. I know right? What a mix!

What is it that you do for a living?
I currently manage a lab for a Beverage & Distilling operation .

Why was CSBW founded?
It was founded to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about what they need to do to in order to go from idea to business.

What would you say is the driving force behind CSBW?
Talk about a good question! I would say it is the lack of information available to those who do not have an entrepreneurial background. There are many resources available to people who already have a business background or who already have an idea of how to successfully start a business. I for one provide the basics for people who want to start.

Any doubts about running CSBW?
Daily! There are so many challenges running an organization such as this. Lack of help, being exhausted, lack of support, finances, marketing, etc. Need I say more?

Your go-to support system?
Definitely my family and my social business circle. We call ourselves “The Girl Gang” - haha. I don’t remember who came up with that name, but it’s stuck ever since!

Any moments of quitting?
Is this an actual question? Haha. Yes, few and far between. I feel defeated many days, but not enough to quit. Yay me!

Name a few of your pet peeves.
Oh boy! My number one pet peeve is definitely when people are not punctual. The other two that come to mind are when people are not honest and when they do not do what they say.

Your favourite pastimes?
I LOVE watching television. It frees my mind. I also love soaking up the sun any way I can. I love hanging out with friends (dinners, time on patios, etc). I love volunteering and speaking at events.

Who is your celebrity crush? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell)
Ha! ADAM LEVINE!!!!!! I LOVE HIM. He is my future ex-husband. We all know it won’t last, but he doesn’t have to know that. LOL.

Any regrets?
Nope! Never regret, learn instead.

There you have it ladies. One down. I’d really like to hear from you! Let me know your thoughts about the first newsletter of this kind. What do you think of the layout, feel and logo? What questions would you like me to answer next?
Talk soon!