Ah, the birds catching the early morning worm, the sun’s rays hitting a little different and the cool breeze against our skin. I’m so looking forward to the flowers blooming, the lakes melting and the sound of life once again in the air. Looking back to this time last year, we were about two weeks into lockdown and the world was put on hold. It’s crazy how it almost feels like it happened years ago but still feels like yesterday. Almost like a distant memory, but one that never really leaves you. Remember the eerie feeling of the empty streets? The ghost towns, the stillness in the air and the fear that gripped us all? We didn’t think we would make it, but here we are, a whole year later and what a year it has been, indeed!
Yes, the outside is slowly opening up, but you won’t catch me doing a thing. Since the numbers are still rising as we speak, I will be staying home. I won’t lie. I am definitely grateful to be able to spend more time outdoors because warm weather makes me super happy. But know that I am quite skeptical about these double digits because you know how Canada is. You randomly wake up one night in Spring and the whole City is buried in heaps of snow. Like how? Honestly, the weather is the source of all our trust issues, so I’ll be playing it safe until May. Can’t be letting my guard down too early LOL. Anyways, even though I do not plan on leaving my house for any get-togethers, I will support local businesses as much as I can. I am trying to leave the house once a week to do tasks that require me to do so, like picking up my medication and getting my shot at the LIN clinic, but that’s about it. By the way, I had never heard of a LIN clinic until I was referred to one last year. They are not open to the public and a patient can only be referred to one of their sites by the hospital. They are used for folks post surgery who are in need of treatment and what I found pretty cool was that everyone's appointment is their own. No one else has your time. So you won’t bump into three people in line for a 10am appointment. Not like you’d bump into anyone nowadays anyways, but you get my drift. And speaking of clinics and not bumping into people, is everyone looking forward to getting vaccinated? Are you excited? I know I am.
With Spring already here, I am going to try for the very first time to take up gardening. In my head, I’m already thinking “bless those poor plants” but I’m determined to take this new adventure very seriously! Do I have a manual? No, but I do have my sister Doujoné, YouTube, Facebook groups and the good old fashioned, trial and error LOL. On my list of experimental vegetables are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bok choy and herbs. Okay, so herbs aren’t a vegetable, so as a soon-to-be gardener, I'm already off to a great start! I figured that since I’m home, with all this time on my hands *rolls eyes* I might as well try something new. I mean, I probably won’t know what I’m doing and I’ll probably fail at it, but at the end of the day, how hard can gardening really be? LOL I’m in for a surprise, aren’t I? #welp.
So lately, I’ve switched up my work-out sessions a bit. I’ve been doing Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil while I wait for the next 100 Strong and Sexy cycle to start. Listen, I don’t know what made me jump on this new work-out routine because I’ve been watching his videos at 75% speed from day one and your girl still can’t keep up! Like with all due respect Mr. Phil, I need you to drop a basic routine video for your already basic routine videos. I don’t know about y’all, but I hear the word on the streets for 2021 is balance, which means that I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s not by force to have a summer body this year. We’ll revisit the idea next year and maybe by then I’d have caught up to 80% speed, because nah, this Xtreme Hip Hop life ain’t it. Like where’s the wine and cheese at right now? Balance, right?
Talk soon!