So a girls cottage weekend happened! A friend of ours who has a cottage North of Peterborough, invited us girls out. There were 6 of us in total and it was seriously a ton of fun and a big deal for me to be around that many people in a house, within close proximity. We had lots of laughs and participated in a number of exciting "activities". I say "activities" because you all know me. Once I hear the words “water” or “lake”, you already know I’m out. No debate there. Meanwhile, all 5 of them were up and about in the lake, making the most of their time and I was just out there in my corner like “nope, not me. I ain't getting in no lake”. But knowing the amazing friends I have, they wanted to include me in all the fun and decided that they would do a whole photoshoot of me trying to do things that I didn't actually do. LOL! get you some dope friends that won't leave you behind no matter what! But yeah, check out this reel and tell me if you think that I wasn’t actually part of the activities. Your girl was out here canoeing (so to speak) and living her best life. And you best believe that my girls were holding down the canoe for dear life behind the scenes! I had such great girl time. I didn't even realize just how much of a refreshment it was to my soul until afterwards. It was very serene and it was so nice to get out into nature! So needed! I hope we can do it all over again soon.
Speaking of nature, I participated in a bike ride sponsored by the Region of Peel, "Bike the Creek - Brampton". It was a free annual event geared towards raising awareness on the benefits of cycling. There were different kilometers that you could bike, such as 5k, 12k, 25k, 41, 65k, etc. and when you reached each stop point, you were taught about the natural spots in Brampton as well as the natural habitats for that region. It was a great and informative way to learn about your surroundings while enjoying the outdoors. The event eventually closed off with a huge celebration afterwards. There was good food (you know that part made my day lol) and a DJ playing some good tunes. Overall, it was a chilled and easy going event to bring the kids out to. It was nice to be around other people (at a safe distance of course) and it was nice to feel like I was at an event.
In other news, CSBW finished its first accelerator program this month. It was such a great experience and everyone loved it! We will be planning the next cohort sometime in fall, but for now, we are trying to dip our toes in smaller in-person events this summer just to see how those go before hosting larger scaled events in the fall. And about in-person events, I had my first in-person strategy brunch last Friday and it was amazing! Honestly, I was initially nervous about the turnout since the timing coincided with the big tech conference, Collision. But the turnout was great and it was everything I envisioned. The group discussed the challenges faced as women business owners and the importance of stepping into our power to ask for what we deserve, with zero guilt. Our discussions also covered sales, marketing, online advertising and how to create partnerships. We had such deep and meaningful conversations that I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for these ladies. Can you tell that I'm excited?
Anyways, the first and second episodes of "Ask the Expert" legal edition are out and they’re sponsored by Goodlawyer. I received some great feedback on how both episodes have been beneficial and so if you haven't already taken some time to watch them, do so when you can. Also, don’t forget to submit your most pressing questions here. My hope is to create useful video content answering whatever questions you might have regarding your small business.