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With less than two months to go, now’s the time to reserve your spot at the display industry’s most prestigious international event of the year. Display Week 2017, May 21-26, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will showcase today’s leading-edge technology and the innovations of tomorrow that are rivaled only by the bright lights and big city where it’s all taking place.

From advancements in augmented and virtual reality and automotive displays, to the latest in OLED, materials processes, and digital signage, Display Week 2017 is your ticket to see and be seen on a global scale.

In fact, we’ve expanded floor space by more than 10%, received 15% more papers for our prestigious Technical Symposium, and received twice as many submissions for the I-Zone – where you’ll find products that haven’t even hit the marketplace yet!

The line-up includes more than 200 exhibitors, and a stellar cast of the industry’s most respected luminaries, scientists, and researchers, as well as international business icons, who will help bring you up to speed about all things display and related fields.

See the video

See the video

We also have new forums and experiences for your consideration, including an automotive-focused conference, the Women in Tech panel, May 24, at 4 p.m., and Lighting the Way: Celebrating 30 Years of OLED, on May 23, at 3:30 p.m. And, our CMO Forum returns for the second year in a row where the lively discussion will focus on what happens when ”content meets display.” This will be held on May 24, at 8:30 a.m.

Rounding out the exciting week will be an exclusive session with ICDM to discuss display measurement standards, as well as other professional programming, such as the Sunday Short Courses and Monday Seminars. We’ll also be hosting a networking event at the GRAMMY Museum, where you’ll have the opportunity to rub elbows with display industry experts from around the world.

And what would a trip to Los Angeles be without awards ceremonies? The votes have been counted, the results are in – and we’ll applaud the 2017 recipients of the prestigious SID Honors & Awards, and announce the winners of the Display Industry Awards and Best in Show and Best Prototype awards.

So come by air, train, car, boat, helicopter, bike or hike. Bottom line: Join us for the best Display Week ever!

Sri Peruvemba

Board Member and Chair of Marketing
Society for Information Display


Keynote Speakers Unveiled

Display Week is proud to present an extraordinary group of industry leaders as the 2017 keynote speakers.

Paul Peng, Chairman and President of AU Optronics Corp., will discuss “The Warring States Era of Display Technologies,” focusing on the burning question of whether TFT-LCD will continue to evolve and sustain its continuing dominance in the next decade amongst global competition.

Clay Bavor, Vice President of Virtual Reality at Google, Inc., will share the insights of “Enabling Rich and Immersive Experiences in Virtual and Augmented Reality," which requires an efficient and scalable software platform that unites rich services with compelling applications and tools, all backed by high performance.

Henry Tirri, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Harman International, will focus on the twists and turns of “Humanizing the Autonomous Car Experience.”

New This Year: Women in Tech, May 24 at 4 p.m.

Women represent the fastest growing segment of the technology industry. For the first time, Display Week 2017 will present Women in Tech, an expert panel of the female movers and shakers who are making their mark today and setting the stage for tomorrow’s generation. This exclusive forum includes:

Dr. Julie Brown, Senior Vice President and CTO, Universal Display Corporation

“In today’s global society, being a techie is cool - and if you don’t believe it, my aim is to convince you.”

Candice Brown Elliott, CEO, Nouvoyance

“It’s never a bad day to have a good idea.”

Laura Rea, Senior Technology Program Manager, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

“The culture that created obstacles for women hasn’t changed much in 35 years....we need a different approach if we’re going to survive as an industry.”

Heidi Dohse, Google Cloud Platform Program Manager

“As individuals we are accountable for our success. So dream big, follow your passion and believe in yourself.”

Dr. Niaz Abdolrahim, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Rochester

“Science has no gender. Stereotypes have gender. Follow your interests and make the change.”

Moderator: Rashmi Rao, Senior Director of Advanced Engineering for Harman, Display Week 2017 Technical Program Chair

“When you move the focus from what you want to what the world wants and needs, true progress happens.”

Register today for the first Women in Tech forum, and be a part of Display Week history.


Automotive Display Market Focus Conference
Debuts May 23

Advancements in automotive display technology continue to be one of the hottest topics of discussion throughout the world – and SID is the driving force taking it one step further to focus on the business and market issues of this expansive market.

Join us on May 23 to learn about a variety of fascinating topics, including how displays contribute to a successful product, humanizing the autonomous car and the unique issues and opportunities for flat panels in automotive applications.

AR/VR Wearables Market Focus Conference May 24

The AR/VR/Wearables conference will address some of the most important areas in the display and consumer electronics markets in one event – and examine the business and technical issues associated with these categories.

Register today and join us for this informative, interactive conference – only at Display Week 2017.

CMO Forum Presents: Content Meets Display, May 24


Justin Kalvitz

Senior Vice President,
Kent Displays

Sri Subramanian

Senior Vice President,

Mark Verrall

Senior Vice President,

Bahar Wadia

CEO, Visionox, USA

Tara Akhavan

Vice-Chair of Marketing for SID and CTO/Co-Founder of IRYStec is this year’s moderator.

Join us at the GRAMMY Museum on May 24
Sponsored by BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Display Week’s special networking events are always the talk of the town and this year will be no exception! Join us Wednesday evening, May 24, at the world-renowned GRAMMY Museum, located within the exciting L.A. Live entertainment complex – just a short walk from the L.A. Convention Center. Get into the groove and rub elbows with industry leaders and colleagues as you experience interactive exhibits and get a rare peek inside the wonderful world of music. We’ll see you there and catch you on the flipside. This event is sponsored by BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

The I-Zone Ramps Up, Sponsored by E Ink

The competition for Display Week 2017’s I-Zone was so fierce for the coveted spots on the exhibit floor that we actually had to extend the deadline another two weeks! Exclusive to Display Week, the I-Zone is an exciting exhibition that showcases the most advanced technology and innovative pre-market prototypes from around the world. Winners receive a free exhibit space in a dedicated area on the exhibition floor where they have the chance to meet potential customers, partners and investors. Last year’s winner, Novasentis, is still riding the wave of success that comes with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Check our website in April to learn who earned a spot at this year’s I-Zone.

Lighting the Way: Celebrating 30 Years of OLED

OLED display technology hit the world 30 years ago and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. Hear from world-renowned scientists and learn why organic light-emitting diodes continue to pave the way for the future of display technology. Topics include:

  • Discovery of OLED (Ching Tang, co-OLED pioneer responsible for the 1987 seminal paper; currently a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Rochester)
  • OLEDs for Life Space Technologies (Junji Kido, professor in the Department of Organic Device Engineering and Research Center for Organic Electronics at Yamagata University)
  • Phosphorescent OLEDs: 20 Years in 20 Minutes (Dr. Julie Brown, Senior Vice President and CTO, Universal Display Corporation)
  • Gamma Project: The Dawn of LTPS AMOLED Displays (Gopalan Rajeswaran, founder and director of Grantwood Technologies)
  • OLED: A Look Back and A Look Ahead (Steve Van Slyke, co-OLED pioneer responsible for the 1987 seminal paper; currently CTO of Kateeva)

Spotlight: ICDM Sets the Standard

On May 21, ICDM will offer “Display Metrology Courses,” which include tutorials from some of the world’s top display metrologists and demonstrations of key display evaluation equipment types that illustrate how to actually create display measurements for different types of measurement equipment using the ICDM standard. This special session will be followed by a networking and demonstration event. Register now for this important educational opportunity.

ICDM will also host a booth on the exhibition floor, where ICDM members will be available to answer questions.

Check out the SID Dispatch blog post to learn more about ICDM.

New This Year: Biz Hub DW

Business Hub Display Week or Biz Hub DW is a new meeting space opportunity designed for the purpose of allowing business professionals who are looking to hold meetings and conduct business in a convenient and semi-private setting during Display Week. Contact Jim Buckley or Sue Chung for more information.

Display Week received 15% more technical papers than last year – which means there’s more opportunity than ever for you to learn from global experts about today’s most exciting emerging technologies: augmented and virtual reality, digital signage display solutions, display materials and processes and wearable displays. From all aspects of motion-image technology, including device technology (LCD, OLED, e-paper, etc.) and the emergence of wearable and vehicle displays to technology development that enables lower-power-consumption and higher-performance displays for mobile devices, the Technical Symposium covers the latest and greatest advancements and reveals the innovative thinking of tomorrow.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Learn about the newest technologies, systems and applications in this emerging field, including 3D sensing and imaging; spatial tracking, localization, mapping and navigation; immersive audio technologies; human factor considerations; and biometrics and user authentication.

Digital Signage Display Solutions

Focused on technologies that create new markets through increased capabilities, this track covers new enabling innovations and applications, such as controller solutions optimizing color space use and high-dynamic-range implementations; new LED implementations leveraging flip-chip and chip-on-board solutions; down-conversion materials (phosphors, quantum dots); e-paper; reflective displays; and unique visualization solutions (compound curves, circles, fiber light guides).

Display Materials and Processes

Enabling novel applications, as well as advancing fundamental understanding of how innovative materials and processing contributions improve all types of displays and components, are the foci of this special session. Topics include OLED materials processing; advances in electronic and optoelectronic materials; nanomaterials and nanofabrication for large-area substrates; and reducing environmental impact during fabrication.

Wearable Displays

Wearables are the next step in the mobile computing revolution and, as the most mobile and personal form of technology to the users, wearable devices present a host of opportunities and challenges. Find out what you need to know about this exciting field, including wearable product design and concepts; low-power, flexible, stretchable and textile wearable display advances; direct-view wearable displays; and micro-display design suitable for wearable applications like head-mounted displays.

SID has partnered with Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) to produce the Display Week 2017 Business Track – an exclusive, four-conference series designed to hone your expertise about the business side of the display industry. Join us at one – or all – of these exciting forums to learn from global leaders who understand what it takes to get ahead in a highly competitive and ever-changing arena.

Business Conference – May 22

Featuring influential speakers who have valuable insights on the health and outlook of the display supply chain, this dynamic event will provide the latest results and forecasts for each layer of the display supply chain and where growth, profits and the highest returns are likely. Our prestigious line-up includes Dr. Brian Shieh, Corporate Vice President & General Manager, Display and Flexible Technology Group, Applied Materials; Ross Young, CEO, DSCC; John Zhang, Corporate Vice President, General Manager, Corning Display Technologies; and Leono Guo, VCSMO, BOE Technology.

Investors Conference – May 23

The 13th Annual SID Display Investors Conference will focus on the enabling technologies driving the market, including an increase in the number of emerging companies targeting the established LCD market (via quantum dots), the growing OLED materials and equipment market, and the still-emerging technologies helping to create the micro-LED market. Speakers include: Dr. Michael Hack, VP Business Development, Universal Display; Jason Hartlove, President and CEO, Nanosys; Craig Bandes, CEO, Pixelligent; and Dr. Christopher Savoie, CEO, Kyulux.

New this Year: Automotive Display Market Focus Conference – May 23

This event will focus on key elements of the automotive display market - flat panel displays for multiple locations in the vehicle, touch panels and interactivity, and heads-up displays and augmented reality. Speakers include: Thomas Seder, PhD, GM Technical Fellow, Chief Technologist, HMI, General Motors; Rashmi Rao, Senior Director Advanced Engineering, Harman, Inc.; Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics; and Dr. Pablo Richter, Principal Technical Expert, Optical Technologies, I ID RD, HUD EP, Continental Automotive GmbH.

AR/VR Wearables Market Focus Conference – May 24

This conference will address some of the hottest areas in the display and consumer electronics markets in one event – and address the outlook for these markets and a number of pressing questions: Who will win the headset battle – direct view or microdisplays? Can wearables regain momentum? What are the display requirements in these markets? Speakers include: Neil Schneider, Executive Director, Immersive Technology Alliance; John Feland, Founder and CEO, Argus Insights; Jon Peddie, President, JPR; and Ron Azuma, Principal Engineer, Intel Labs.

What SID Members Think About AR/VR

In preparation for this conference, the OLED Association conducted a survey among SID membership to understand members’ current experience level and the expectations. With feedback from nearly 400 respondents, the association learned which topics would be of most interest and revealed the following insights:

  • Membership has a much higher knowledge and participation in the market segment and ~27% own a VR/AR device than the general population. Assuming that 5m units are in circulation, the total world penetration is <0.1%.
  • Given the growth of the industry, it is expected that AR/VR knowledge will become a major part of our technical and marketing roles in the near term.
  • 35% of the responders believe that microdisplays (either LCOS- or OLED-based) are the proper display technology, but 38% are looking for something new (micro-LEDs, holographs or something else).

Unique to Display Week is the New Product Showcase – your one-stop shop where you’ll see a sampling of what awaits you on the exhibition floor. Stop by on your way in and plan your days to make the most of your Display Week experience.

Find out which companies are exhibiting at Display Week 2017.

If you’re involved in any aspect of displays, including display electronics, components, systems, services, manufacturing equipment, or applications, find out more about exhibiting at Display Week 2017.

Display Week always brings out some of today’s top-tier mainstream media, both print and broadcast, along with key electronics and display trades, bloggers and leading market analysts from around the globe. There’s no doubt, Display Week is truly the place to be for companies looking to increase their visibility among today’s leading dailies, business, financial, and electronics print and online news sites. See the 2016 publicity summary to read some of the coverage surrounding many of the companies, both large and small, that exhibited last year.

The press room (#507 in the LACC) will be open Monday through Thursday of Display Week. Exhibitors are welcome to drop off press kits or host interviews with key attending media and analysts in the press room, so please check the Display Week website for more information on press room hours and dates that the press room is open. SID will be hosting its usual press breakfast exclusively for media and market analysts on Tuesday, May 23. New this year, SID will also be doing a “DW ‘17 Behind the Curtain” webcast the week before the show to give media and analysts a sneak peek of what to expect at Display Week; pique their interest in visiting your booth; or even publish stories in advance of the show. We are actively soliciting news for either, or both of these events, so don’t be left out and please contact SID’s PR team at email: for more information on submission requirements and deadlines.

In addition, SID will once again offer the Virtual Press Office (VPO) for all Display Week related press releases from exhibiting companies with discounted wire distribution pricing. More information on VPO can be found on the Display Week website, or by contacting MCA at the email address above.


Leverage Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and SnapChat to engage with us at Display Week 2017. Right now, you can follow us on Twitter @DisplayWeek, and also share your own Display Week-related tweets using the hashtag #DisplayWeek17. You can also join the SID Facebook and LinkedIn group, follow us on the newly launched Instagram @siddisplayweek and participate on SnapChat at Display Week 2017 using our conference geotag. And, don’t forget to check us out on Display Week’s YouTube channel for some great videos on why you need to be at this year’s show/what you can expect.


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May 21

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May 22

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May 22

Honors & Awards Banquet

May 22


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May 23 - 26

Investors Conference

May 23

Automotive Market Conference

May 23

OLED 30th Anniversary Event

May 23

Display Industry Awards/Best in Show/I-Zone Awards

May 24

AR/VR Wearables Market Conference

May 24

CMO Forum

May 24

Women in Tech

May 24

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