April 17, 2017

Europe's GNSS Receiver Standard Nears Approval 
European Union (EU) member countries are close to adopting a standard for satellite navigation receivers. The proposed standard covers Satellite Earth Stations and Systems (SESS) as well as GNSS receivers operating in the bands 1164 MHz to 1300 MHz and 1559 MHz to 1610 MHz. Receivers must be able to withstand interference from adjacent bands at the listed levels. (more)  

Fall Delivery Expected for GPS OCX Block O
A Raytheon executive said that the company expects to deliver the Block O Launch and Checkout System to the U.S. Air Force this fall as part of the GPS Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX).

In addition, the company completed a baseline procedure to recertify the troubled OCX program, which was approved by the U.S. Air Force, at the end of March, said Bill Sullivan, Raytheon vice president and program manager for GPS OCX, at the recent 33rd annual Space Symposium meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (
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Gain valuable insights on solving unmanned and autonomous navigation and control challenges from the experienced engineers at KVH, Greensea Systems, Geodetics, AutonomouStuff and NovAtel. Applications discussed include aerial, subsea and ground system navigation. Visit KVH's Unmanned & Autonomous Webinar Series Library.

BeiDou's Applications, Role in Asia Continue to Evolve
Asia is booming, and China's BeiDou satellite navigation system seems prepped to boom right along with the growing region. Home to more than 60% of the world's population, Asia is the world's fastest growing economic region - and an increasingly important GNSS market. China's BeiDou navigation satellite system (BDS) will expand its cooperation to Thailand and Sri Lanka, and then to the entire Southeast Asia as well as countries in other regions of Asia and Africa, Wuhan Optics Valley Beidou Holding Group, the system's operator, recently told Ecns.cn, the official English-language website of China News Service (CNS). ( more )  
GNSS for ERTMS Train Localization  
GNSS has recently been endorsed as one of the "Game Changer" innovations helping improve the competitivity of the European Railways Train Management System (ERTMS). Backed by more than a decade of studies and technology developments, these authors review the main economical implications behind this unprecedented program together with the benefits for using a public telecom network and the challenges at system level. ( more)  
LKD Aerospace now distributes Honeywell's tactical grade and navigation grade inertial measurement units. These include: HG1700, HG1900, HG1930, HG4930 and the HG9900 IMU. LKD Aerospace also exclusively distributes Honeywell's entire range of accelerometers including: Q-Flex (QA650 through QA3000) and the RBA500 as well as all HI-REL space thermal switches.  Please contact our technical sales group at sales@lkdaero.com or (425) 396-0829 for more information or technical assistance. 
Poland in POSITION for a Big Role in GNSS 
Thanks to the POSITION project funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), Poland is primed to become a bigger player in the GNSS landscape in Europe. ( more)
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Discussions continue on the pros and cons surrounding the possible privatization of the nation's Air Traffic Control (ATC), with opponents sharing concerns and a proposal by President Trump aimed at looking into taking the air operations duties away from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). ( more)  
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