February 15, 2017

Galileo's Commercial Service Implementing Decision Adoption to Bring Added Value to Users
This week's announcement of the adoption of the Galileo Commercial Service Implementing Decision represents an opportunity for Galileo to differentiate itself from other systems and offer users an added value to the standard positioning services already available, says the European GNSS Agency (GSA). ( more)  
LKD Aerospace now distributes Honeywell's tactical grade and navigation grade inertial measurement units. These include: HG1700, HG1900, HG1930, HG4930 and the HG9900 IMU. LKD Aerospace also exclusively distributes Honeywell's entire range of accelerometers including: Q-Flex (QA650 through QA3000) and the RBA500 as well as all HI-REL space thermal switches.  Please contact our technical sales group at or (425) 396-0829 for more information or technical assistance. 
Proponents of privatizing the U.S. air traffic control system have an apparently sympathetic ear in the White House as they renew their fight to wrest air operations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). ( more)  
Visit the KVH Unmanned & Autonomous Webinar Series Library for helpful insights on sensor fusion from engineers at Greensea Systems, Geodetics, and KVH. Discussions include challenges to achieving successful sensor fusion for subsea and aerial applications, and how sensor fusion architectures can be designed to overcome some of these challenges. These IEEE-moderated webinars are free. Visit today.

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With a goal of higher rail safety, modernization of local lines, lower costs and improvement of performance for 28,000 kilometers of lines in Europe, the European project ERSAT EAV has been evaluating the adoption of the European satellite system for the local rail networks. ( more)  
Criminal Liability Found in 2010 Explosion of Proton/GLONASS Satellites
Back in December of 2010, Inside GNSS reported that the loss of three GLONASS-M satellites in space resulted from a series of mistakes made by the Russian Energia rocket corporation. Now, more than six years later, Russian prosecutors have wrapped up a criminal case against four employees of Energia allegedly complicit in the crash of the Proton booster with three GLONASS satellites, and they've sent the case files to a court of law. ( more)
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Unlike DGPS positions that are relative to a reference station location, StarFire™ produces absolute, ITRF positions anywhere on the earth's surface, anytime. StarFire™ accuracy is independent of the distance to the nearest reference station. GNSS satellite orbit and clock corrections are calculated from a global tracking network of multi frequency receivers. These corrections are transmitted via geo-stationary satellite links direct to StarFire™ receivers, resulting in minimal data latency and worldwide operation with a minimum 10° look angle to the geostationary satellites. Learn more about having the power to do it all with StarFire™, satellite-delivered corrections.  Watch Video.

Bad Clocks, Brexit and More Happenings at the European Space Policy Conference
Speakers at last month's 9th Annual Conference on European Space Policy in Brussels wasted no time in addressing the somewhat worrying failure of a number of Galileo onboard clocks, as revealed by European Space Agency Director General Johan-Dietrich Woerner at a press briefing earlier in January in Paris. ( more)
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