June 15, 2017

White House Boosts GPS Budget, GPS III Procurement Decision Still Pending 
The White House is asking Congress to boost overall funding for the GPS program back over $1 billion, with the largest infusion of new money earmarked to cover the cost growth of the Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX). (more)

Real World Spoofing Trials and Mitigation  
This article demonstrates that a synthetic aperture antenna can reliably detect and mitigate even sophisticated spoofing attacks rendered against Global Navigation Satellite Systems. The direction-of-arrival is a reliable metric to discriminate spoofing signals from line-of-sight (LOS) signals and to also localize one or more spoofers with high angular resolution of two degrees.  ( more )  
What's the future of sensing technology? Do you know the 3 key elements for choosing the right command-and-control system? This ebook offers tips about choosing the sensing technologies, and delves into the interactions between man and machines today, as well as the challenges that lie ahead for both engineers and the humans who will live, work and play in an autonomous world.   Download the ebook.

The White House has thrown its support behind a proposal to privatize the nation's air traffic control (ATC) system as part of its plan to improve the country's infrastructure. ( more )  
LKD Aerospace proudly distributes Honeywell's premier tactical and navigation grade inertial measurement units (IMU). These include the world's leading tactical grade 1°/hour turn-on to turn-on bias performance ring laser gyro-based HG1700 IMU and the rugged MEMS-based HG1930 IMU. The world's leading navigation grade HG9900 IMU offers extremely accurate bias performance of 0.003°/hour. Please contact our technical sales group at sales@Lkdaero.com or +1.425.396.0829 for more information or technical assistance on Honeywell IMU's. 
Two More Satellites Formally Added to Galileo's Satnav System 
Two further satellites - increasing the total number to 16 - have formally become part of Europe's Galileo satnav system, broadcasting timing and navigation signals worldwide while also picking up distress calls across the planet. ( more )  

Successful Launch of Japan's Second Michibiki Satellite To Boost QZSS 
Last week marked a significant step toward providing a boost to the accuracy and reception of the existing GPS in Japan and to delivering a better positioning reading for the people in that country. ( more)
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