March 2022
News from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Can We Prevent Viruses from Attaching to our Cells?
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2021 Annual Report
IMET is immensely proud to release our 2021 Annual Report. In our report we highlight the incredible research and programs that continue to make IMET such a unique hub of science and innovation.
Developing an At-Home HIV Test
IMET's Dr. Helen Dooley recently received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This funding will support Dr. Dooley's project to develop an at-home self HIV test. To do this, Dr. Dooley will utilize a novel molecule found solely in sharks.
Q & A with Nicholas Coleman
Nick Coleman grew up watching fish in his aquarium more than an average kid watches TV. This lifelong fascination brought him to UMCES, where he studies Atlantic sturgeon. Nick sat down with us to share his experience as a graduate student within NOAA's LMRCSC partnership.
IMET's Open House is BACK!
IMET is excited to announce that we will be having an in-person Open House this May. Join us for lab demonstrations, art exhibits, and more. We are looking forward to sharing our research with you Saturday, May 7 2022!
Dr. Yantao Li Awarded $50,000
IMET's Dr. Yantao Li was awarded a $50,000 grant by Baydin Inc (Boomerang), a productivity software company. Dr. Li's research is focused on designing a system that can capture carbon using micro-algae.
Shadaesha Green: Knauss Fellow
Shadaesha Green, a PhD candidate in the lab of Dr. Sook Chung was featured in the Chesapeake Quarterly's edition entitled Equity and the Chesapeake Bay. Shadaesha was highlighted for her experience as a Maryland Sea Grant Knauss Fellow.
Dr. Saito's Exciting Local Funding
Dr. Keiko Saito has recently received local funding for two incredible research projects. Dr. Saito has partnered with Blue Sources to study bluegill aquaculture. In addition, Dr. Saito has partnered with Mark Street Ventures/TEDCO and Chesapeake Bay Trust to optimize RAS for winter oyster farming.
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