December 2019
News from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
What a year it has been!
In 2019, we continued to conduct world-class research and train the next generation of marine and environmental scientists.

We also announced the establishment of the James Albrecht Fellowship, which will fund one new graduate student for the next five years. And we expanded our outreach activities, with a bigger open house, more public lectures, and participation in Baltimore's ArtScape and Brilliant Baltimore. See our highlights from 2019!
IMET named Baltimore Top Workplace for 2019!
“The work that we are doing at IMET is very important. We have close to 100 people working together on some of the key challenges related to climate change, food, energy, environmental sustainability, and human health,” said Russell Hill, IMET Executive Director. “I’m personally delighted by this recognition for all of us.”
IMET Hosts Ambassadors from EU Member States
On December 3, IMET and UMCES hosted ambassadors from E.U. Member States for a discussion on what their countries are doing to address the growing climate crisis. UMCES President and USM Vice-Chancellor for Sustainability Dr. Peter Goodwin reaffirmed the University System of Maryland's commitment to reducing carbon emissions.
James Albrecht Fellowship
IMET recently launched the James Albrecht Graduate Student Fellowship with funds donated by our friend Dr. Jim Albrecht. This fellowship will fund the first year of study for a Masters or Ph.D. student for the next five years. Jim had a long career in food science and has now turned his focus to encouraging the next generation of scientists to take on challenges in food, water, and energy.
Thanks to our Donors!
On October 15, we hosted an event at the Chancellor's Hidden Waters residence to thank our donors. We are very grateful for all the support received during the last years. Many of the outreach and scientific programs at IMET would not be possible without the generous contribution of our donors. Please join IMET and support our students and science.
Kevin Sowers: UMBC Entrepreneur of the Year
Dr. Kevin Sowers was named UMBC Entrepreneur of the Year, along with his collaborator Dr. Upal Ghosh. These two have been using their scientific expertise to address PCB contamination in sediment. Their company, RemBac Environmental, is bringing this scientific solution to the marketplace.
We have awesome students!
Our students earned some impressive awards lately. Hanover Matz was named the PhD Scholar of the Year at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Amanda Lawrence and Shadaesha green completed internships with NOAA. And three of our students won prizes at the MEES Colloquium.
Sustainability at IMET
IMET's Sustainability Committee was created one year ago to address issues of energy use, waste management, and other related issues at IMET. Find out more about our work on our newly launched website.
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