September 2021
News from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
In 2010, research from the Place Lab at IMET helped remediate a harmful algal bloom at a Girl Scout camp, enabling girls to learn paddling skills and enjoy their summer. Ernest Williams, then a research assistant, helped develop the remediation strategies and is now pursuing his PhD with Dr. Allen Place. For his dissertation, he is researching how a certain species of dinoflagellate produces its toxins. By contributing to a better understanding of this process, his work will keep even more people safe.
Adapting to COVID-19
IMET has been carefully adapting to changing circumstances throughout this pandemic to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. As a collaboration of three universities, we follow the guidance of our partner institutions, using the best available science to inform our policies. Find out about coronavirus responses at UMB, UMBC, and UMCES.
Studying the deep ocean
Yufeng "Freddy" Jia recently went on research cruise off Hawaii with fellow members of the lab of Dr. Feng Chen. They're studying microbes and dissolved organic carbon in the deep ocean, helping us to better understand the global carbon cycle.
Celebrating the 2021 IMET interns!
Ten undergraduate interns wrapped up a summer of research, professional development, and collaboration. Students worked remotely on large datasets to advance our understanding of hormones in crustaceans, the urban estuarine food web, and when we might be able to swim in Baltimore's Harbor.
IMET student and former intern receive Knauss Fellowship
Congratulations to Ana Sosa, who is an IMET student, and Benjamin Frey, who is a former intern and NOAA LMRCSC fellow, on becoming 2022 Knauss Fellowship Finalists! They will be placed in a government position working on coastal and marine science policy next year! 
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