September 2022
News from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Want to see a baby horseshoe crab do a cartwheel? Check out this video to learn more about their growth process. An incredible living fossil, horseshoe crabs have remained relatively unchanged for millions of years. This means they date back to a time before the dinosaurs! Follow along as IMET's Dr. Sook Chung collects, hatches, and observes the development of 100 horseshoe crab eggs!
Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley Visits IMET
This September, Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley visited IMET with a group of Annapolis officials and regional business owners- including Woodberry Kitchen Chef-Owner, Spike Gjerde.
IMET Welcomes New Faculty Member, Dr. Allison Tracy
IMET welcomes its newest faculty member, Dr. Allison Tracy. Dr. Tracy is a community ecologist studying the impact of the environment on species interactions. Read all about her journey into science, research experience, and new role at IMET. We also asked her, if she could be any marine organism, what it would be... her answer does NOT disappoint!
Thank You Dr. Albrecht
In September, IMET’s long time friend and supporter, Dr. Jim Albrecht, returned to IMET to visit with a group of graduate students. Each year, Dr. Albrecht provides funding to a Ph.D. or Masters student for their first year of study. To thank him for his support, graduate students joined Dr. Albrecht for a special lunch.
IMET Student Represents his Country as a Y20 Delegate
The G20 is a forum for the world's largest and most advanced economies. Each year they meet to discuss global stability and sustainable growth. Prior to the annual G20 Summit, young adults from each G20 country are selected to represent their nation as Y20 delegates. In July, IMET Graduate Student Abdulmajid “Majeed” Alrefaie attended the Y20 Summit as one of these delegates.
Atlantic Salmon Arrive in Baltimore
Ever wonder how the animals in IMET's Aquaculture Research Center actually get there? This summer, graduate student Jonas Miller and drivers, from Northeast Transport, Lauren and Jim drove 18 hours from Maine to IMET with 420 salmon in a truck. Arriving at IMET at 2:15am they found many friends and colleagues waiting to help out. Watch this video to see what happens next!
Congratulations Summer Interns
Eight undergraduate interns wrapped up a summer of research, professional development, and collaboration. Students focused on topics ranging from bacterial colonies in chicken litter, to removing off-flavors in farmed fish, to biodiversity in the Inner Harbor.
IMET Welcomes New REEF Cohort
This September, IMET kicked off the ninth semester of the Ratcliffe Environmental Entrepreneur Fellowship (REEF) program. The REEF program is a weekend course for UMCES and IMET graduate students who would like to learn how to integrate entrepreneurship with science.
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