December 2018
International Collaboration: IMET and the Ocean University of China (OUC)
In this newsletter, we're highlighting the research of Dr. Jim Du . Du has been instrumental in forming a strong partnership between IMET and the Ocean University of China (OUC). This partnership provides funding for students at OUC to study at IMET. You can find out more about Du's research in the video below and also read a Q&A with one of his students who benefited from this partnership.
"I have hosted a few visiting scientists and students from OUC in the past few years. They made significant contributions to research in my lab. In return, they gained good experience in studying and doing research in US. There is a strong interest on both sides to expand the interaction at the institutional level. With the memorandum of understanding between IMET and OUC, other labs at IMET can take CSC supported students from OUC, and at the same time, the OUC students have more choices to meet their scientific interests and choose different labs to do research." - Dr. Jim Du, UMB-IMET Faculty
IMET Minute with Dr. Jim Du
Dr. Russell Hill and Dr. Jim Du visited the Ocean University of China (OUC) in Qingdao, China and met with several faculty and Dr. Ju Yan, the Vice President of OUC.
Dr. Ju Yan, the Vice President of the Ocean University of China (OUC) visited IMET and met with Dr. Russell Hill, Director of IMET, Dr. Peter Goodwin, President of UMCES, and all of the students at IMET who previously studied at OUC.
Siping Li presented her poster at 7th Annual Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Retreat at University of Maryland School of Medicine
Siping Li, visiting Ph.D. Student from Ocean University of China
Siping Li is a 3rd-year Ph.D. student visiting IMET from the Ocean University of China (OUC). Through an agreement between the two institutions, there is funding and support for several students from OUC to conduct research at IMET. Li is working in the lab of Jim Du, studying the role of the gene smyhc1 in regulating skeletal muscle development in fish.
Legacy of PCBs in the Baltimore Region and Possible Solutions
Thank you to Trevor Needham and Kevin Sowers for a great public lecture. We learned why PCBs are still a problem 40 years after they were banned and how microbes can be used for bioremediation. Stay tuned for a spring public lecture!
Thanks to our Donors!
IMET thanked its donors and celebrated its accomplishments with a dinner at Hidden Waters, the USM Chancellor’s Residence. Faculty and Students had the opportunity to meet the generous supporters of their research and fellowships.
Student Achievements and Updates
Amanda Lawrence, Ana Sosa, and Shadaesha Green
The IMET Graduate Student Association has elected Amanda Lawrence as their new president. Amanda is a second-year master's student and has grand plans for the IMET GSA.

Shadaesha Green was awarded the Scott B. Gudes Public Service Graduate Scholarship in Marine Resource Conservation. This is a huge honor!

Ana Sosa was awarded the Sea Grant Competitive Graduate Research Fellowship, which will help her study the diversity of microbial communities in microplastic particles from the Chesapeake Bay.
In 2018, we awarded 7 degrees, held 36 seminars and defenses, hosted 11 undergraduate interns from underrepresented minorities, supported 5 fellows and taught 7 students in the REEF program, reached 250+ people at our annual Open House, and donated 1800 pounds of fish grown at IMET to soup kitchens in a partnership with United Way and McCormick.
Upcoming Events
  • January 9, 3:00pm - Seminar: Dr. Ariana Sutton-Grier (Nature Conservancy)
  • January 16, 3:00pm - Seminar: Dr. Andrew Heyes (UMCES-CBL)
  • January 23, 3:00pm - Seminar: Dr. Jacob Cram (UMCES-HPL)
  • January 30, 3:00pm - Seminar: Dr. Richard A. Snyder (College of William and Mary)

Stay tuned for our Open House on Saturday, May 4 !
On May 4, 2019, we'll open our doors once again to welcome in the public. Students and faculty will host interactive science activities and share their research. Hope to see you there!
Dive Deeper: More News From IMET
  • Peter Goodwin was inaugurated as the president of UMCES, one of IMET's partner institutions. You can watch his address here.
  • Daniela Tizabi, graduate student in the Hill Lab, was featured in the UMCES Next Generation Series.
  • We caught up with IMET alum Dr. Olivia Spicer and found out about the work she's been doing with NIH in our Alumni Spotlight.
  • Hutton Scholar Amanda Grayson shares insights from her summer fellowship at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology.
  • Harbor Launch at IMET hosted VentureWell's week-long intensive entrepreneurship workshop. Read about it on
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