September 2020
News from the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Celebrating 19 Years of the IMET Internship!
In August, IMET wrapped up the 19th summer of our internship program, directed by Dr. Rosemary Jagus. The 2020 class did all of their work remotely, working with advanced sequencing and environmental data to characterize the biodiversity of Baltimore's Harbor. We are so proud of what they accomplished!
Former IMET Intern Works on COVID Vaccine
2019 IMET summer intern Adjele Wilson graduated from UMES this spring and started working at a biotech company developing a promising COVID vaccine ... all while pursuing a Master's in Public Health!
"You found how many scooters?"
Volunteers from IMET and the National Aquarium pulled out 18 scooters, 5 bicycles, and 1 skateboard from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, with some help from Bluewater Baltimore and the Waterfront Partnership.
Lab group wearing white coats. Far right: Muddassar Iqbal
Novel Ways to Prevent Flu Infection
We’ve become very familiar with the main methods of protection against viruses - handwashing, masks, vaccines. But what if there was another tool? Muddassar Iqbal researches novel ways to prevent flu infection, focusing on the host instead of the virus.
Congratulations Shadaesha Green, Knauss Fellow!
"I am really excited to have been chosen as a Knauss Marine Policy fellow. I look forward to spending the year learning how marine policy is developed to conserve and protect our marine resources. All of the wonderful training I have received at IMET and UMCES has prepared me well and I hope to make everyone proud," said Shadaesha Green, who is completing her Ph.D. in the Chung Lab.
Congratulations Taylor Armstrong, Margaret Davidson Fellow!
Taylor Armstrong, a Ph.D. student in the Place Lab, was recently awarded a Margaret Davidson Fellowship for her work studying phytoplankton communities at the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve.
From Aquaculture to Aquarium
Leah Maurer, who received her M.S. for research in the Chung Lab in 2017, is now working as a researcher at an aquarium She's trying to answer questions like, "How does noise from visitors affect our animals?" And she's educating the public by talking with aquarium-goers.
Land-Based Salmon on the Eastern Shore
A new MOU between UMBC, IMET, and AquaCon establishes a collaboration on developing land-based aquaculture in Maryland. AquaCon made this decision after meeting with Dr. Yonathan Zohar and touring the Aquaculture Research Center, seeing all the innovation that will help them as they build up a new aquaculture facility. 
headshot of Monica Gellene
Monica Gellene wins Board of Regents Staff Award
In August 2020, the University System of Maryland’s Board of Regents recognized Monica Gellene, associate director of administration at IMET, with a staff award. Monica has been a great asset to the team at IMET and UMCES for the past eight years… all while pursuing her MBA, which she earned in May 2020!
Kicking off the REEF program!
The 2020 Ratcliffe Environmental Entrepreneur Fellowship program kicked off on Friday, September 11 with an introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship. For the first time, there are postdocs participating in the program. Also for the first time, the program will be held entirely virtually, at least through the fall semester. October's session will focus on protecting and leveraging intellectual property.
Virtual Public Lecture Series
On October 20, the DasSarma Lab will tell us all about organisms that live in the most extreme environments - high salt ponds and subzero temps.

On November 17, the Place Lab will share stories about why we have so many harmful algal blooms ... and what we can do to stop them!
Dive Deeper: Other News From IMET
  • Dr. Allen Place and his Ph.D. student Taylor Armstrong are testing the use of spent grain from breweries to suppress algal blooms. Solutions are brewing!
  • Dr. Kevin Sowers and his UMBC collaborator Dr. Upal Ghosh are developing technology to remove PCBs from sediment through a process known as bioremediation. Learn more in this special NIH article.
  • Prospective students, check out the ICARE program through UMBC. You could study with our own Dr. Colleen Burge or Dr. Kevin Sowers, or another great UMBC faculty member.
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