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May 2016                                   INSIDE IUGB
Invest for Success Scholarship Campaign Update

As we move into summer, IUGB's Invest for Success campaign continues to heat up.  Thus far, thanks to the generosity of our dedicated individual and corporate supporters, we have in hand some $90,000 towards our 2016 goal of $200,000...and there are pledges still outstanding. With that good news, however, comes the reality that we still need your help to reach our goal. We are happy to report that overall, the first four IUGB scholarship recipients are living up to the high standards set by the IUGB Scholars Program.  
With IUGB's student population growing rapidly (over 550 students enrolled compared to 500 last fall,) raising funds for our students is more critical than ever. Your donation in ANY amount will help 15 more bright and talented students in West Africa attend the International University of Grand-Bassam. Their future is in your hands.

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IUGB AFNET Students' Committed Squad Contributes to Invest for Success

Marie Olivia Kouassi and Jean-Marcien Kablansi, two AFNET (Alumni and Friends Network) students from IUGB, led a business class team fundraising assignment this month at Georgia State University, culminating in a gift of $665.00 for needy students to attend the International University of Grand-Bassam in Côte d'Ivoire. 
The 6-person team, assembled by Ms. Kouassi and Mr. Kablansi, contributed their gift to the IUGB Foundation's Invest for Success scholarship campaign on April 5, 2016. The team represented five African nations.   Read More...
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Celebrating the Present, Planning for the Future

On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, a quorum of the IUGB Foundation's Board of Directors met at Washington D.C.'s City Club to hold its Spring Board Meeting. The Board members reviewed priorities and plans for 2016 and beyond.  The team celebrated recent notable University and Foundation accomplishments:
  • Continued growth in enrollment to more than 550 students;
  • Progress with Invest for Success; 
  • The growing number of University and Foundation partnerships which can lead to future funding opportunities;
  • The committed support the IUGB Alumni and Friends Network, Atlanta chapter, (AFNET) is providing for the Foundation's fundraising efforts.

Board Members

(L-R:)  Mr. Keith E. Brown, Ambassador John F. Hicks, Ambassador Alice M. Dear, 
Dr. Sidney E. Harris, Mr. William I. Garner, Esq. and Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon, III.  

The IUGB Foundation, a 501(c)3 U.S. tax exempt nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the fundraising arm of the International University of Grand-Bassam. The Foundation is committed to helping IUGB realize its vision of becoming a  Regional Center of Higher Education Excellence in West Africa.
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