Dear disciples of Immanuel Lutheran Church,

As we move forward one day at a time in these troubled times, I invite you to pray with me:

We are separated by physical distance, Holy One. But we are connected to one another by your Spirit. We are a circle of friends, with an opening for your Spirit to be among us. Because we have been face-to-face with one another we also know that the church is love. We have laughed and cried, celebrated transitions from birth to death, argued and reconciled, worked shoulder to shoulder, and know that the church is communion. Today, as we continue our Lenten journey into unchartered territory, may we rely upon our knowledge of how our combined faith, and not the physicality of sanctuary, choir, pews and chairs make us the living stones of your church. We pray together to maintain our strength and improve our resilience so that we may pray without ceasing for all who are in need in the days to come.  Keep us safe and secure under your healing wings. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Pastor Gretchen