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Sunday, June 6, 2021

8:30am - Immanuel Sanctuary
10:30am - Immanuel Sanctuary
Worship video will be available on Saturday.
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All-powerful God, in Jesus Christ you turned death into life and defeat into victory. Increase our faith and trust in him, that we may triumph over all evil in the strength of the same Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.
Linden House Landscaping Update
Yesterday, Boise City forestry workers removed the condemned linden tree in front of Linden House and ground out the stump. They did a professional job and left the site neat and clean. A new tree(s) will be planted when advisable.

With the large linden tree now gone, it seemed like an opportune time to refresh the landscaping in the planting beds surrounding the front porch. Some old plants and shrubs were removed, new ones added, and others were relocated. The brick border along the sidewalk and the sprinkler system were both improved and bark mulch was applied. We trust you and the SHIP tenants will enjoy the new landscaping. Please see the photos below.
Les Gieselman, Secretary and Property Committee Chair
Faith After Doubt by Brian D. McLaren-A 4-Week Discussion
Summer Discussion Facilitated by Jim Grunow
The subtitle to this book is “Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do About It.” The Book Discussion will commence on Wednesday, June 30 and run for 4 consecutive Wednesdays, through July 21. It will take place at two different times—1:30-2:45pm and 6-7:15pm Mountain Daylight time.
Here is the reading/discussion schedule:
  • 6/30 - Session 1 – “Your Descent Into Doubt” Part 1, pgs. 3-55
  • 7/7 - Session 2 – “All In Doubt” Part 2, pgs. 59-128
  • 7/14 &21 - Sessions 3, 4 – “Life After (And With) Doubt” Part 3, pgs. 131-220

Here is what several reviewers are saying about this book:

“Religious folk often find the path of descent into doubt especially terrifying because they’ve been told their entire lives that they must accept certain understandings, beliefs, or dogma without question. In this important book, Brian McLaren helps you find a deeper and wiser faith that is enriched by doubt instead of threatened by it.” -Father Richard Rohr, OFM

“Brian McLaren gently moves us away from the notion of God as vengeful and petty, ready to punish those who question and challenge beliefs that no longer harmonize with their evolving experience and honest understandingHe encourages the reader to embrace a deeper, wider, and more authentic faith that doesn’t fear doubt, but welcomes it as an ally in their spiritual growth. This book will save lives.” -Bishop Yvette Flunder

A personal note from Jim—"Brian McLaren has authored 12 books—this is his 13th. I have read all his previous ones. So far, I have only read the Preface: Permission to Doubt, the Introduction: Moment of Terror, and Chapter 1—Doubt as Loss, in this book, and already I am hooked once again. Brian McLaren’s writings have been transformative for me personally. He has often put into words things I have only been thinking about but unable to articulate. He has been one of my mentors in my long journey of faith. I look forward to reading and discussing this book with those willing to join me on this continuing journey.”

If you would like to join Jim in this Book Discussion, please let him know by email at or by phone call or text--208-571-6309. It is perfectly acceptable to sign up for this Discussion even if you need to miss a week or two. You may also “attend” either session on alternating weeks as your schedule permits. All sessions will be on Zoom. Those who sign up will receive the Zoom link and some additional information about how the Book Discussion will proceed. Our last book discussion was “attended” by folks from 5 different congregations in 4 different cities. All are welcome to participate.  
deCycles - A Journey Of A Lifetime
Immanuel Lutheran Church is housing the riders and support staff from deCycles on Saturday, June 19th through early Monday morning, June 21st. We are also sponsoring dinner upon their arrival on June 19 and they will be joining us for service on June 20.

If you would like to provide financial assistance to help Immanuel sponsor de Cycles, please send a check to the church and designate deCycles in the memo section or give through Vanco.
The deCycles, a teen cross country cycling youth group based in Indiana, includes 35-student riders who will pedal their bicycles 1600-miles in 3-weeks from Seattle to Denver.   Along the way they will visit Seattle, Portland, Boise, Salt Lake City, and Denver. Climbing the continental divide at 12,000-ft will be a significant challenge. The riders are excited and scared at the same time. They trained diligently every day for the 3-months before this trip. They will triumphantly return to Indiana totally transformed in body, mind, and spirit. 
The deCycles is a journey of a lifetime, a pilgrimage into God’s country. These courageous teens are living examples of faith over fear They are truly modern day miracles.
The deCycles celebrated their 50th anniversary last year with a trip around the Great Lakes. There have been a total of over 1800-students participate on these extremely challenging trips since 1970. The student-riders average 85-100 miles per day and will cover 200-miles in one day in eastern Oregon. They ride in the rain, in oppressive heat, and climb the hills and push through relentless headwinds. And they carry their own weight, fix their own food, and clean up after themselves. So much is learned on these trips.    
To read more about the group, see their website:
An Opportunity to Share God's Love
An Opportunity to Share God’s Love: The Betoubam Family Children          
Now that warmer weather is upon us and we are getting outside more, the New American Ministry Co-Coordinators would like to request some items for the Betoubam family.
If you wish to donate, below are some suggested items.

  1. Tennis lessons for Yolande, Geraldine, & Josiane. (3 girls) 4 lessons Approximately $100 each.
  2. Soccer Camp for Charlot. (boy) One week: Approximately $99 - $200.
  3. Soccer team participation cost for Charlot & cost of the uniform & bag if needed. (Fall) $150 ?
  4. Soccer cleats ($35-$65) shin guards ($15-$25) & soccer socks ($15-$20) for Charlot.
  5. Badminton set ($35 - $100) or a used set in good condition.
  6. New or gently used blankets, sheets and pillowcases. Queen and Twin.
  7. Gift cards from Walmart, Albertsons, WinCo, and Fred Meyer. 
  8. Tickets for events that perhaps you can also attend and/or drive them to. The children and Cecile speak English.
  9. Bus pass and/or Uber card
  10. Boise Rock School Camp for one of the children. One week - $150
  11. Feel free to suggest other ways you may like to volunteer or donate. Perhaps you would like to be put on a volunteer list and be contacted as a need arises (example: a ride to the store, a ride to a doctor’s appointment, etc.).

If you would like to contribute monthly and/or volunteer in some way, contact Jo Stensaas by email, text or call:   208.794.5417  I will be glad to pick up your donation at your home. You can donate online on the Immanuel Lutheran Church website in the GIVE link. The New American Ministry is one of the tabs to click on to give a donation through the VANCO Payment Solutions.
To those of you who have been faithful volunteers and donors for the New American Ministry, we thank you for blessing the family. Ellen Anderson, Jim Grunow, and Jo Stensaas.
Children & Youth Announcements by Mary Riedl
June 6 - Chalk the Church @ 11:30am
All Ages! Join us at Immanuel to decorate the sidewalk and steps of Augustana!

June 11-15 Youth Mission to Boise - Grade 6 & Up
June 11 - 3-7pm, Cecil D. Andrus Park, Games, and Introductions
June 12 - 9:30am-4pm, St. Mihaels, Baby Steps Projects
June 13 - 6 -8pm, Cecil D Andrus Park, Agape Eucharist 
June 14 - 9:30am-4pm, Whittier Elementary & Immanuel Lutheran Church
June 15 - 9:30am-4pm, Agency for New Americans

Luther Heights Needs Campers
We went up this past weekend and did a little bit of work (James did a LOT) to get camp ready for you! PLEASE contact me if you have questions or need help with getting your kids to camp. Camp is a hugely formative faith experience, and we don’t want anyone to miss out because of money, transportation, or lack of camp supplies -especially when there are scholarships, ride-share opportunities, and camping supplies readily available!
Contact Info:, 208-886-7657.

Save the Dates! Upcoming Youth Events:
June 30 - Youth Committee Meeting 5:00pm
July 7 - Fellowship Event, TBD
August 11 - Fellowship Event, TBD
August 22 - Backpack Blessing, Youth Gathering Info Meeting & Confirmation Kick-Off
Join the ILC Youth Connect Facebook Group and the
to stay connected!
MORGAN H - 6/6
JAN G - 6/8
KENT - 6/9
KEEGAN C - 6/9
ERIC H - 6/9
BRUCE W - 6/9

TYLER C- 6/10
BARBARA L - 6/10
RAELENE V - 6/10
JOHN K - 6/12
JOAN L - 6/12
Giving Options
Thank you to those who are continuing to support Immanuel financially. If you are able, please contribute online through the church website by clicking on the "Online GIVING" button. 
You may also give via U.S. mail, or place your envelope in the mail drop slot to the right of the glass double doors we use to enter the Thomas Chapel, Library, Office area and Hospitality Room. Or you can scan this QR code image with a smartphone's QR decoder, it will instantly connect you to the mobile version of the Immanuel web page. It provides a quick and easy way to access the webpage.
PIKnic In The Park by Bruce Wingate
I know we just finished the Idaho Gives Campaign and some of you donated to that. I THANK YOU! However, we do have need for further support so we can feed the food-insecure kids and their families with this Summer’s PIKnic at the Park program. 

Protect Idaho Kids has a GoFundMe account at:

So far we have only $45 worth of donations for this year and it will be extremely hard to feed the kids with that amount. Last year we received a grant to help with buying the food, but this year we did not get a grant and we are relying exclusively on donations. WE NEED FUNDING to make our programs possible. Any help you can provide with be greatly appreciated by the kids, their families, and me.

For further details visit our website at, or call (208) 761-5695 or click HERE.

Hope you and your family are doing well in these Covid times.
Bruce Wingate
Important Items of Interest
  • Tuesday Bible Study is taking a break for the summer. See you in the fall.

  • Food Fellowship - The team is looking for volunteers to help with Food Fellowship laundry and preparing desserts. Easily packaged desserts like cookies or bars without frosting are needed. We ask that you provide 60 servings four 9 x 13, nine 8X8, or 120 cookies. Sign up on ivolunteer at the Immanuel website.

  • Hand in Hand Clothing Room Ministry - New and gently used clothing are needed for spring and summer clothing for men and women. Items my be placed outside of the clothing room, or taken to the church office.

  • COVID-19 Relief Program - We invite anyone who is experiencing hardship due to the pandemic to request monetary and/or task assistance from your Immanuel congregational family. Please find a link to the request form HERE.

  • Women of the ELCA - Daily Grace is an on-the-go companion for your spiritual journey, offering a faith reflection every day. Encounter God’s extravagant, boundless, and often surprising grace by signing up for a daily email message. You can also download the app for your IOS and Android devices. Learn more at
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Sunday June 6
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Monday June 7
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Tuesday June 8
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Friday June 11-15
Youth Mission (see article above for additional information.)

Sunday June 13
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